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06-28-2001, 05:22 PM
Misc. odds and ends, to be consolidated later:


51-53 are all hell levels in the same way that 30,35,40,45 are. There's a constant factor in the xp formula that goes up by a certain amount in each of those levels, effectively doubling the XP required from the natural progression you expect from previous levels.

54-58 are all "double hell" levels in the sense that that same factor goes up twice the hell level amount, effectively doubling again the xp requirement that you'd expect from natural progression. 54 is nearly double the xp requirement of 53, and each level from 54-58 is a gradual increase in the xp required.

59 is a "triple hell" in the same sense. The XP requirement for 59 is approximately 50% greater than it is for 58.

Level 60 is _not_ a hell level in this sense...the constant in the formula stays the same in 60 from 59. However, it's been bumped up so much by this point that level 60 is about 3 times the total xp required to fill as 50 is. You do continue to accumulate xp until the bar is filed. This is a nice buffer in case you die...I try to keep mine within a blue or two of being full, since, well, with the stuff I do, I die a lot.

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