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07-31-2001, 12:48 PM
Keep seeing threads started asking which is better set of velious quested armour...
here is the full list of the current stats, read them, decide for yourself which "you" prefer and that should solve this :)

Rowyls = Thurgadin quest set
NW(Naturewalkers) = Kael quest set (higher ac)
WG(Woven Grass) = Skyshrine quest set (higher stat's)

---Tunic's (all have effect: Regrwoth of the Grove)
Rowyls- ac20, wis14, mana80, hp30, str5, cha4, dr5, cr5, mr7
NW- ac27, wis15, mana80, hp40, str5, dex5, fr3, cr2, dr2, pr2, mr10
WG- ac20, wis14, mana80, hp50, str5, sta7, pr9, fr9, mr9

---Greaves (all have effect: Circle of Misty)
Rowyls- ac9, wis7, mana70, cr3
NW- ac14, wis7, mana70, hp20, dex6, cr3, fr3
WG- ac9, wis9, mana90, sta5, agi6, pr3

Rowyls- ac7, wis2, mana30
NW- ac10, wis2, mana30, hp20, mr2
WG- ac7, wis3, mana30, hp30, sta2

---Bracer's (all have effect: Drones of Doom)
Rowyls- ac7, wis7, mana20, fr2
NW- ac9, wis9, mana20, dr2
WG- ac7, wis9, mana30, hp30, cr4, pr4, mr4

Rowyls- ac8, wis2, mana25, sta2, mr2, pr1
NW- ac10, wis2, mana25, agi2, sta2, mr2, cr1
WG- ac8, wis3, mana45, dex2, sta2, mr5, dr5

Rowyls- ac8, wis8, sta2, pr2, fr2, mr3
NW- ac11, wis9, mana20, dr1, pr1, fr1, cr1, mr2
WG- ac8, wis10, mana15, str3, dex3, dr3, cr3, mr5

---Boots (effect: Spirit of the Wolf)
Rowyls- ac8, mana10, dr1, cr1, fr1, pr1, mr1
NW- ac10, mana10, agi13, cr1, fr1, mr1
WG- ac8, mana50, dex15, dr2, cr2, fr2, pr2, mr2

and questions answered in advance..

Only peices with effect's stated in brackets actually have effect's on the armour peice (not all do)

The leather peices for the THURGADIN Armour drops from Giants, in the Arena or Royal's area in Kael (can drop rarely in other places, but these 2 spots i found the best)

The leather peices for the KAEL Armour drops in Temple of Veeshan (ToV), the zone-in is safe from mob's yet the drakes/wurms/fairies all on skyshrine faction begin right after the door leading out of the staging room, those mobs can and do drop the leather peices (unless thats changed)

The leather peices for the SKYSHRINE Armour drops in ToV also, if your doing these quests the drakes/wurms that the Kael questor's kill, should be "ally" by now, so you can move past these with ease, once you moved out of the corridor and into a huge room with 3 other exits, first exit on the right is known as the "Testing Halls" there is more wurm's and drakes in there by they are KoS to everyone, and they dont give faction hits.... just armour for skyshrine quests :)


07-31-2001, 12:51 PM
Thought you might like this, this is a look at the total stats from each set.

Rowyls- ac67, wis40, mana235, hp30, str5, sta4, cha4, pr4, mr13, dr6, fr5, cr9
NW- ac91, wis44, mana255, hp80, str5, sta2, agi15, dex11, pr3, mr17, dr5, fr8, cr8
WG- ac67, wis48, mana340, hp110, str8, sta16, agi6, dex20, pr16, mr25, dr10, fr11, cr9

As can be clearly seen, Rowyl's is very much the "low-grade" of this armor. Same AC as Woven Grass, but much less stats. On the other hand, Nature Walker's has a lot more AC and decent enough stats.

I don't honestly think that Skyshrine armor will get any kind of a boost, or if it does, it will be very small, and probably in the resists.

Personally, I'm going after Nature Walker's, I have 200 wis already, good amount of +mana and I'd rather have pumped up AC :)

-Violente enMaudit