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07-31-2001, 06:20 AM
I wanted to share with you a story from my log. I had just gated into Steamfont. I was bored and since I had nothing better to do, I figured I'd go hang out in the Mino Cave and buff lowbies. In came a tell...

(I omitted the dates and times so it makes for easier reading.)

Nikilette tells you, 'Are you nice?'
You told Nikilette, 'I am nice! I am very nice! What can I do for you?'
Nikilette tells you, 'Well, I need some money.'

(I do a /who all Nikilette and she is a level 1 Gnome Necro.)

You told Nikilette, 'Well, where are you?'
Nikilette tells you, 'I am at the city.'
You told Nikilette, 'Hehehe, I would go there, but the guards do not like me. Meet me somewhere.'
Nikilette tells you, 'How about the newbie area close to the city?'
You told Niklette, 'OK, be there in a second.'

(So I sprinted off to the newbie area and found here. She looked so cute and vulnerable.)

Nikilette hugs Bello.
You told Nikilette, 'This is all the money I have on me.'

(I handed her about 28 plat in change.)

Nikilette tells you, 'OH MY!! Thank you so much! I didn;t mean so much, only 2 or 3 plat.'
You say, 'Hehehe, follow me to the Druid Circle.'
Nikilette says, 'OK.'

(I was bound in Rivervale's bank.)

You told Nikilette, 'OK, stay here, I'll be right back.'
Nikilette says, 'OK'

(I gated to the bank, sifted through some bags and retrieved a few items. I then gated back to the Steamfont Druid Circle and saw her standing there waiting patiently. About 6 seconds later, Trakaar pops in with another Druid.)

You say, 'Hey Trakaar!'
Trakaar says, 'Hey Bello! What ya up to?'
You told Trakaar, 'I am gonna tell this newbie a story.'
Trakaar tells you, 'Can I listen?'
You told Trakaar, 'Sure!! Follow us.'

(We three ran a little bit beyond the Druid Circle to a safe area.)

You say, 'Sit.'
You say, 'This is a story about Jinjin. Jinjin lived in a city many lands away from here. He was a little Halfling Thief who made his living by taking things from others.'
You say, 'Jinjin did not like being called a Thief, he preferred the term - Opportunist.'
You say, 'Jinjin liked to hang around the center of town. He would watch as people came and went, picking his victims as he saw fit.'
You say, 'One day, Jinjin followed an older man into the bank. The man looked like a worn out wizard. He carried a large staff with him and had a very discolored robe.'
You say, 'Jinjin approached the man and said, 'I have never seen you in these parts. Are you new to the area?' The man answered, 'No, I have been here many times. I just needed to get some money for a drink.''
You say, 'Jinjin nodded and said, 'I can show you where the bar is if you like.' The man glared at Jinjin. 'I know where the bar is, now off with you!' the man scoffed at Jinjin.'
You say, 'Jinjin scampered off and waited around the corner of the bar. He waited for the man to go in the bar and then snuck inside.'
You say, 'The man had leaned his large staff against a wall and unattended as he bellied up to the bar. Jinjin saw an opportunity to take the staff, so he did....'

(I handed Nikilette a Runed Totem Staff)

Nikilette tells you, 'Ohhh!!! THANK YOU!'
You told Nikilette, '=)'
You say, 'Jinjin grabbed the staff an sprinted back to his little hut. He placed the staff among the other things he has stolen and went about his day.'
You say, 'A few hours later, Jinjin noticed a man with a skull in his hand. Jinjin was both scared and curious about the skull.'
You say, 'Jinjin went up to the man and asked, 'Is that a real person's skull?' The man answered, 'YES! it is the skull of a terrible foe who I laid to rest!''
You say, 'Jinjin asked the man, 'Why did you kill him?' The man replied, 'Because he asked to many questions!' Jinjin saw the anger in the man's eye and quickly left.'
You say, 'Jinjin watched the man walk into a small store. There were many people in the store and Jinjin knew he would be able to get that skull with ease.'
You say, 'So Jinjin walked into the store and pushed someone into the man. In the confusion, Jinjin swiped the skull...'

(I handed here a Skull of Jhen'Tra)

Nikilette says, 'OHHHH!!!!! THANK YOU!'
You say, '...and sprinted back to his hut to put away the skull with the rest of his stolen items.'
You told Trakaar, 'I gave her a skull of jhen'tra.'
Trakaar told you, 'ahh'
You say, 'The next day, a powerful looking Magician came to town. He held in his hand a staff with a beautiful blue jewel that sat at the top of it.'
You say, 'Jinjin ran up to the Mage and said, 'That staff is really neat! Does it do magic?' The Mage looked down at Jinjin and asked, 'Do you practice the arts, young Halfling?''
You say, 'Jinjin rebutted, 'Of course! I am practicing to be a powerful Magician, just like you when I get bigger!'
You say, 'The Mage laughed at Jinjin. He felt proud and hopeful that others wanted to carry on his mystical arts.'
You say, 'The Mage kneeled down and said, 'I just use this as a walking stick. My battle staff is stowed away in my home. Here take this staff.'
You say, 'The Mage handed Jinjin the staff...'

(I handed her a Water Crystal Staff.)

Nikilette tells you, 'OHHH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!'
You told Trakaar, 'I gave her a water crystal staff.'
Trakaar tells you, 'nice'
You say, 'The Mage looked down at Jinjin and said, 'Take the staff and continue our dieing arts. Without the new blood, the old blood dies in vain.'
You say 'Jinjin nodded, took the staff and ran to his hut and placed it among his other items in his horde.'
You say, 'A short time later, a group of powerful adventures came into town. They looked beat down and tired.'
You say, 'Jinjin ran over to a mighty Warrior. He said, 'What happened to you guys?' The Warrior looked down at Jinjin and said, 'We came fom the Dreadlands...''
You say, '...we encountered this half-spider half-man beast. He cast powerful magic and hit with the force of a hill giant!' the Warrior recalled.'
You say, 'Jinjin looked the Warrior over and saw something sticking out of his leg armor.'
You say, 'Jinjin said, 'There is something stuck in your armor. Want me to remove it?' The Warrior said, 'Please do.''
You say, 'Jinjin pulled on the object...'

(I gave her a Drachnid Leg Tip.)

Nikilette tells you, 'OH!!! Thank you! What is it?'
You say, '...and held it aloft. The Warrior said, 'Bloody thing nearly killed my group!' Jinjin helped the Warrior get cleaned up and bandaged.'
Trakaar tells you, 'What did you give her?'
You told Trakaar, 'Drachnid Leg Tip, 6/27 piercer.'
You say, 'After he helped the Warrior, Jinjin ran to his hut and placede the weapon among his stash of stolen goods.'
You say, 'The next day, Jinjin spotted a wealthy looking man enter the bank.'
You say, 'Jinjin followed him in there and began to beg the man, 'Please sir, might I have a copper to help my ailing mother?''
You say, 'The man looked down at Jinjin and said, 'You know what the problem is in the world today?'
You say, 'Jinjin looked confused and replied, 'No, what is the problem with the world today?'
You say, 'The man kneeled down to Jinjin's eye level and said, 'The problem is that You are in it! Now get out of here you little beggar!''
You say, 'Taking out his little knife, Jinjin cut away a small money sack the man had on his belt without the man noticing...'
Trakaar tells you, 'Man, you are good!'
You told Trakaar, 'hehe, thanks man'

(I hand Nikilette 100 plat.)

Nikilette tells you, 'OH NO! I can't take this!'
You say, 'SHUSH!!! I am telling a story!'
You say, '...and ran back to his hut. He placed the money sack among the other things he had stolen.'
You say, 'A few hours later, a man named Trakaar grabbed little Jinjin and said, 'I have been watching you! You have a lot of loot, and now it belongs to me!''
You say, 'Trakaar held a knife to Jinjin's throat and made him show him the way to his hut.'
You say, 'Trakaar threw Jinjin to the ground. Jinjin's head hit the hard floor and knocked him unconiscious.'
Nikilette says, 'Oh my!'
You say, 'Jinjin awoke to an empty hut. All of his belongings were gone...all that work, all those items he had stolen were gone.'
Nikilette gasps.
You say, 'Now, do you know what the morale of the story is?'
Nikilette says, ' keep these items in a safe place until I get bigger?'
You say, 'Exactly!! Now run your little feet as fast as they can carry you to the bank!'
Nikilette says, 'OK, but what can I use now?'

(Little Nikilette scampered off, I assume to the bank. I never heard from her again.)

Trakaar says, 'Hehehe'
Trakaar tells you, 'Oh man, that was fun! Thanks for the story.'
You told Trakaar, 'heheh, thanks man. I used to do that all the time when I hunted Dorfs in BB. I would tell stories to lowbies and give the the ringmail and FS weapons.'

Me and Trakaar goofed around for a little bit and then I gated him away. I don't normally roleplay, but I do like to take the time out to give a new character some attention. It makes them feel welcome and lets them know that people care. Norrath is a huge world. When I was new to it, I know I felt alone and very scared at times. I always liked helping new players out and telling a story while introducing lowbie items is a fun way to lend a helping hand.

Thanks for reading through this. =)

Bello - 52 Halfling Druid
Smashin - 48 Ogre Warrior