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07-31-2001, 06:19 AM
<This is the story of 1 odd darkelf became gifted in what her people thought of as a curse, the Gift of Music, and how that very same darkelf gained the blessings of Tunare, Mother of All. This is the story of Mayla.>

Aghhh, what have I done to deserve exile? I failed to kill one bard, and helped him run, but that does not deserve exile to this place of the dragon Lord Nagafen, and I am not supposed to leave, ever. I will die a slow death in here, but I hope Nagafen has mercy and will kill me quick..

I pass some goody-goody-twoshoes darkelves on my way in. Phooey to the rest of my race, if they are deaf to the music of a bard then I will have nothing to do with them. Especially my family. Though if I survive this the fact I am an Cattn may save my life.... <Cattn is a high ranking darkelf with much power, a birth right.> I wonder how I should try to get to Nagafen.... Invis maybe? No, the guards would see through it and kill me for disguising myself. I guess I will just walk in, and hope they are in a good mood.

The scenary here is astonishing, no wonder my people hate it, it is so beautiful. I guess the bard's music woke me up to the real world. The creatures and people I pass just ignore me, like I had already given Nagafen notice I was coming, but maybe I had.... I had heard he can read minds in his lair, but I would never live long enough to know. I also heard you can't escape him once you go near him.. but that will not matter, I do not wish to escape. I walk towards the huge cave I know is his for some reason. Suddenly clunk, I am hit on the head and realize that you don't just walk up to him before I go into the blackest pits of my mind.

I wake up to hear singing without words, more of a hum I guess, but more beautiful then the bard's song just the same. I sit up, and see Nagafen, the huge dragonlord, towering over me. "I see you have awaken little mortal. Now tell me quick why you wish to live and I might let you go, maybe." The song must have scrambled my brain, because I knew I DID want to live, and I also wanted to be a bard, now wasn't that strange. I also couldn't remember my name, but i remembered the fact I was exiled by my kind, the darkelves, and I couldn't go back. I decided to forsake Innoruk, and see what I could do with my life, and it's not like Innoruk actually cares about me anymore.... "I was exiled here to die, and I was coming to you so I could die, but I decided I want to be a bard, and leave my kin to themselves. If you let me escape, I will try my best to be a bard and maybe get a different god(ess) to like me a bit."
"Ahh, another mortal darkelf wishes a new life (Nagafen roars with laughter), well, I will grant that on one condition, never come to my home again!" I will never come back Dragonlord." "One other thing little mortal, you may find one friend outside my lair" Suddenly I was out of there, not in his lair, but right outside it. As I wandered around in circles I mused over what he last said, that a friend is out here. Hmmmm. I hear someone sneaking up on me. I spin around, it is another darkelf. "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you right now, kindred darkelf" I say. "Because I doubt you want to kill another of your kind unless you are an exile like I am." He said in way of an answer. "Exile eh? Well, if you mean to die in Nagafen's home it won't work."I replyed. "I know, I tried that already, does that dragon know how to make you think of things differently?" he asked me. "Well I sure as heck wouldn't know" I say, finishing the conversation, "Now, let's get a move on to Faydwer." I tell him "Faydwer? Hmm, that dragon practically told us where to go." he replies.

When we get to Nektolus forest we camp, waiting for the forest to get as light as it can in the morning.

When the sun shined a beam of light onto my face I rose, knowing I wouldn't get back to sleep. Then, knowing they would do the same, I snuck up behind a guard and landed a killing blow onto his head with the club I now wield. He collapsed quite nicely and I grabbed some cash, equipment, and 2 fairly good finesteel swords. Suddenly I am tapped on the shoulder. I spin around, and see another guard. Dangit I forgot they traveled in pairs. Where the heck was he anyway? Suddenly, he dropped in the way I knew he was quite dead. "Did you forget these guys travel in pairs" my new friend asked "Yes I did, and I thank you for yuor help in disposing of the second. Now catch this nice 2 hander" I reply. He whistles appreciativly at the sword "Thanks" "No prob" I return. He and I keep going along, heading to freeport to catch the boat. I finally ask him "What is your name?" He replies "No idea, gonna get a new one, I have been thinking Aere, how 'bout you?" I reply "Silverlyric, and it's not my real name either" We keep walking, talking about alot of things. Finally we arrive at the city to realize,uh oh, we gotta go through the city. Someone auctions quite loudly "masks of the deceiver, I'll come to you" "Over here" I shout. He comes through, a pesky little gnome, but he sells me the mask for a fair price. I turn the mask on and drag Aeres along. A guard halts me and asks me about Aere being a darkelf. I reply he isn't, he just had a spell of deception cast on him and it won't wear off. The guards let us through and we found a respectable inn. They assured us there were no spyholes or anything in the rooms, but I didn't believe one word. When we went upstairs we found they had given us a 2 room suite, and a bathroom. I fell asleep as soon as I touched the bed.

I woke up soon enough, to find myself being jostled and rolled over. "Wha?" I say. "Shh" Aeres said "They think we are asleep" Then I realized, I had taken my mask off. Dang! I whispered to Aere "On the count of three scream and attack, okay?" He nods. I whisper" 1....... 2...... 3!"

It worked, and when the fight was over, 1 darkelf remained, and she said" My name is Zanye, remember that you traitor!" She hid herself and snuck away, and I was unable to kill her. "WELL!" was all Aere had to say and we kept going, with better equipment, money and weapons than before. We reached the boat, and I used the same trick as before to get past the guards. When we got on the boat Aere went down to the bar to see if we were the only darkelves on board. I doubted it, but I kept my mouth shut. He came back a few hours later, looking tired but pleased. He also had three backpacks and an annoyed woodelf with him. "Lemme guess" the woodelf said " you two are the exiles that we heard about?" I nodded "Good, when we get to Kelethin you two are gonna have a lonnnnnggggg talk with Tunare." He said happily "What if we don't want to?" I asked "You wanna live past 2 seconds or less? Your gonna talk with Tunare." he replyed. I glared at Aere, and he just shrugged. That night was probably the worst night I ever spent on a boat, tossing and turning with nightmares and the boat's movement didn't help. The next day when we arrived at Butcherblock docks the woodelf made it obvious to the guards that we were guests and not trouble. The guards made it clear that no dwarves go missing and we will be fine. We didn't stay there long. I saw Kelethin before Aere, and mentioned the fact that the woodelf would keep us alive for atleast 2 seconds. He grinned at me, and was a bit better company for the next few minutes. When we reached the guards they were about to attack when the woodelf said "STOP! These two are gonna camp at the altar tonight" He told us to go straight north from the lift and we would find the altar. "Camp there, kill no animals, and have a good night, also, don't come back until Tunare says so." He pointed north and wished us luck.

We followed his directions and orders and camped at the altar, a beautiful creation, and fell asleep. I dreamed I met Tunare with Aere at my side, and she looked us over and sid in a beautiful voice "You are not truly darkelves, join my children and be happy." I woke up with the feeling I was different now. I looked at Aere and he looked at me and we both knew she accepted us. I noticed something different about Aere, his eyes, they were green. "Your eyes are blue" he told me. "Your eyes are green, I guess they are proof we arn't darkelves inside." I said happily. We went back to the city and were now welcome. Aere went fighting orcs almost as soon as he was allowed, while I stayed to train for rescue missions.

I heard years later he had been captured, and was sad. I learned much, trained alot, fell in love with the woodelf that brought us here (though I will not be the one to say yet) and had the most interesting meeting. I met a young woodelf girl during a rescue mission. She seemed so much like my little sister. While I was getting her out of the house she was pretty well behaved, and she didn't cause much trouble for me. Then Zanye decided she would try to kill me. The young girl slapped her once, being quite brave. When I got the girl safe at Kelethin she trained to be a druid, and she had forgotton her name, so she took the name of Fleetfoot. Then one day I gave her a note with something she must find out about in it, one of my good daggers, a couple weapons, some food and all the stuff neccessary because she decided to go to Crushbone to kill orcs. I hoped she would free Aere, and asked her to do that. Then one day we got a freedslave rush, all of them saying a little druid had freed them. Well! She certainly did a good job of it. I knew in my heart that she would come back alive and well, and I knew Aere would come with her.
ay Tunare Bless You With
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