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07-31-2001, 06:15 AM
Talyaa looked over her shoulder and saw no sign of her opponent, good. She stood surveying her surroundings. Trees, trees, and more lousy trees! She hated climbing trees when she could hide in a bush. Oh well. She ran over to a beautiful weeping willow and scrambled silently up it to the first limb. She crouched down on the limb, balancing with ease that only a wood elf could manage. She looked around and saw a hole in the foliage that would give her away. Drat! Silently she wished that there wasn’t a hole there. She knew that the trees only listen to druids, so it was just a wish. As if the tree disagreed, it moved enough of its branches to hide the hole. Now all Talyaa had to do was wait for her opponent to arrive. A soft rustling to her right marked her opponent’s entry into the clearing. Talyaa prepared to jump. The opponent came into view under the willow’s branches. She sprang out of the tree and clunked him on the skull he only had time to spin around before he blacked out. Talyaa stood surveying her opponent. Like her, he was a black-haired, green-eyed wood elf. He was fairly tall, not as tall as a high elf, not as short as her. He was slender and muscular, while she was average height, slender, and hardly muscular. Talyaa sighed. While her small and slender form was good at agile things, she just wasn’t strong enough to be more then a minor bard. On the other hand, Daran is gonna be sooooooo annoyed she won again. Daran groaned and sat up. “Tunare bless! I forgot how fast you are and how good you are at hiding.” Daran said groggily. Talyaa smiled, Daran had been flattering her a lot ever since her 16th birthday, and she had a feeling he was trying to get her attentions, but he was only 15, so she wasn’t interested. “Talyaa! It’s suppertime!” Talyaa heard her mom calling. “Uh oh, it’s mom, gotta run, cya tomorrow.” Talyaa called over her shoulder as she ran home. “Hi Mom, hi Dad, sorry I’m late.” Talyaa said as she zoomed in the door. During supper she told her parents about the contest. “What’s wrong?” she asked her white-faced parents. “A tree did what you wanted?” her dad asked. “Y-y-yes” Talyaa answered, scared. “!@#$%^&*” her dad swore, angry. “You have to run, and take the other children with you.” her mom said. “Go to Kelethin” her dad said. Then Talyaa’s parents shoved her out the door and repeated their instructions. She followed orders and gathered the children (who were playing outside) up and told them what happened. They all stayed with the girl who had command in her voice. Talyaa started playing her speed up song and they arrived at Kelethin quickly. The guards looked at the children curiously, but led them up the lift, into the city, across bridges, up and down ramps, all the way to the druid guild. Then he went in, whispered to the Heartwood Master and left. The Heartwood Master stared at Talyaa, but shook his head and led the kids to a small back room with 6 beds and one pallet. Talyaa looked at the beds tiredly. “Sorry, but one of you will have to make do with the floor and a blanket tonight.” The Heartwood Master apologized. Daran took the pallet and the littler kids took the beds. Talyaa, being the oldest, refused to lie down and pull the blanket over her head. She had to wait till the others were asleep. Finally the last child fell asleep and Talyaa still wasn’t ready to sleep. She felt a curious restlessness. She climbed out the window and sat down on the flat railing outside the guild platform. She looked down and saw the ground below her. Far below her. Unlike her parents, Talyaa was comfortable with heights. “I see I am not the only night byrd here” a tenor (like Talyaa’s) voice commented. Talyaa jumped on the platform and spun around. There she saw, not a druid, but a girl, the same age as Talyaa. The girl had odd purple eyes and brown hair. She stood in a defensive manner. “So, who is the new girl who stares at Peregryne, shame of the household Kalrye?” the girl asked. “Talyaa, of the Sanary clan.” Talyaa replied. Peregryne watched Talyaa from under half-lidded eyes. “So, you are from the group of other kids that showed up in Kel today? If your smart you’ll not be seen with me.” Peregryne said bitterly. “Now, why would I not want to be with you?” Talyaa asked. “You just don’t! Leave me alone!” Peregryne snapped angrily. Talyaa, hurt, went to the window and started climbing in. “No, stop, I’m sorry. I just don’t like to talk about it, it still hurts.” Peregryne cried. Talyaa stopped and went back to Peregryne. “I’m going back to my village tomorrow, do you want to come?” Talyaa asked. “Sure. What class are you anyways?” Peregryne asked. “I’m not sure anymore.” Talyaa replied. Then Talyaa climbed through the window, leaned against the wall under it , pulled her blanket up to her neck and fell asleep.


Talyaa woke up the next morning at sunrise and stared. The building, built in a tree, had formed a chair/bed under her. Also an assortment of animals had decided to spend the night with her. Luckily none of the kids had woken up or they would have screamed. Suddenly a Peregrine Falcon flew in the window, and sure enough, Peregryne was close behind.

“Hi” Peregryne said cheerfully, much too wide-awake for such an unholy hour of the morning.

“Hi. You sure are thin” Talyaa replied, standing up.

The tree bed/chair sunk sullenly back into it’s normal position and the animals (with the exception of one) all scattered. The falcon flew over to Peregryne and landed on her shoulder. A beautiful mist wolf with black paws padded over to Talyaa and refused to leave.

“Haven’t had much to eat, been busy earning money so that I can make a place for myself in the world.” Peregryne answered, shrugging.

“Tunare bless the fools in Norrath! You need to eat, Peregryne! If you don’t eat you can’t work!” Talyaa snapped, worried.

Suddenly Talyaa realized that her new friend was slender, small, and barely more muscular.

“You’re a warrior right? Well, pardon my rude words, but how do you manage to fight with barely any muscles.” Talyaa asked bluntly.

Peregryne laughed. “I am a warrior…. and I use my agility to score hits on my enemy where those other nutty warriors just stand around and get beat up on. I prefer not to be hit much if possible.” She answered, still chuckling.

“Well, on another note, I for one am hungry and I have money to throw around. Where can I buy good food?” Talyaa asked.

“I know a good place with good food, but I hope you can deal with measuring sideways glances.” Peregryne said, stifling laughter for some odd reason.

Talyaa gave Peregryne a look.

Peregryne chuckled and said “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

Talyaa climbed through the window and was surprised to see the wolf jump out behind her. “Guess my new friend doesn’t want to leave.” She said, surprised.

Peregryne nodded and walked towards a bridge. “Where are we going?” Talyaa wanted to know.

“The Silver Blade Tavern.” Peregryne replied.

“Silver Blade. Odd name. I wonder why?” Talyaa thought out loud. Peregryne said nothing.

Suddenly Peregryne turned around. “I am such an idiot! You can’t go in there wearing only cloth! You’ll be murdered!” Peregryne cried in despair.

“You’re kidding me.” Talyaa stated.

Peregryne just grabbed Talyaa’s arm and went to the nearest leather merchant. She bought leather pants, a tunic, armbands, bracers, gloves, boots and cloak so fast Talyaa got dizzy. Then Peregryne shoved Talyaa into a changing room with the clothing. Talyaa yanked on the boots and pants, shrugged the tunic over her head and on, pulled the armbands and bracers on, put the cloak on, and then slid her hands into the gloves.

When Talyaa came out of the changing room Peregryne gasped. “Tunare’s Dagger! You’re beautiful! The leather goes well with the blond streak in your hair.” she said. Talyaa shook her head, not believing Peregryne. “First of all, I don’t have a blond streak and second of all I am not beautiful.” Talyaa told Peregryne. “Yes you do.” Peregryne argued, and held up a round piece of glass, and sure enough, there was a blond streak in Talyaa’s hair. Weird.

Peregryne walked over to the leather merchant. Talyaa watched Peregryne counting out the coins from the corner of her eye. Peregryne turned to Talyaa. “Could I borrow a couple coppers from ya?” Peregryne asked. Talyaa handed 9 coppers over. Peregryne nodded thanks and handed the money to the merchant. Peregryne grabbed her arm and they were off again.

Soon they arrived at the tavern. A hanging sign had the words Silver Blade Tavern etched into it, and below it hung a dagger with a silver blade. Peregryne walked into the tavern, and Talyaa followed.

Talyaa felt the people in the end measuring her, and she didn’t like the conclusion they were coming to. “Talyaa! Duck!” Peregryne commanded quickly, spinning. Talyaa heard something whistling over her head, hitting the plate Peregryne picked up as a shield. Peregryne stalked over to a boy with raven black hair and mischievous green eyes. “I do not wish to be deflecting daggers all night, buddy. Seen as I don’t trust your word, I will have to deal with the weapons on you.” Peregryne hissed. Then she spoke to Talyaa “Root him so he doesn’t run please, Talyaa.” Talyaa didn’t know what to do, so she asked the tree to hold his boots still, the same way as she asked the weeping willow to cover the hole back home. A few roots from the building wrapped themselves tightly around the boy’s boots. Peregryne nodded her thanks to Talyaa and started ripping out pockets from the mans leather armor. When Peregryne finished she held 42 throwing daggers and a hunting knife. Then Peregryne took the hunting knife, held it to his neck, and whispered something in his ear that made him pale. Then she flicked the hunting knife along his cheek. It drew 1 drop of blood and left a shallow cut that would remain a scar. Then Peregryne grabbed the throwing daggers and walked up to the counter. She had purposely left him the hunting knife. When Talyaa walked up to the counter someone pinched her behind. She whirled around and slapped his face. Then she asked her wolf friend to hurt him, but not badly. Then she rooted him. When she called the wolf off he was white and trembling. “Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself.” she said loudly. When Talyaa walked up to the counter, the measuring looks were respectful.

"Good job Talyaa, they'll not disrespect you now." Peregryne said, grinning wolfishly.

"You didn't tell me this is a rogue meeting place." Talyaa acused, glaring at her friend.

"I didn't think it mattered. Wasn't it only one blond streak? You have two now." Peregryne replied, deftly changing subjects.

"I think it comes from working with the green things." Talyaa noticed, allowing Peregryne to change the subject.

Peregryne motioned for a serving girl to come get their orders. "Two flasks of water and two loves of bread." Peregryne told the girl. The girl came back soon with the bread and water and left. Peregryne and Talyaa ate in silence. When they finished they stood up and walked out the door.

"Can you lead us to your village?" Peregryne asked Talyaa.

"Of course I can!!" Talyaa answered quickly.

Peregryne smiled and gestured for Talyaa to lead on. Talyaa and Peregryne made their way through the city and down the lift. Talyaa hesitated at the guards, but kept going. When they reached the village, something was wrong.

"Where is every one???????" Peregryne asked, scared.

"I don't know. This isn't good Pere." Talyaa answered, scared as well. Then she turned white. "Pere, every living thing is dead around here for klicks. This REALLY ISN"T GOOD!"

"Indeed. And soon, little elves, you will join it in death." a voice said in accented elvish. Or not elvish but...Talyaa's mind worked frantically, trying to remember the different types of elvish she had learned over the years. Then Talyaa realised, and knew it wasn't good.

"Pere! We Have To Run! That person is speaking dark elvish!" Talyaa cried, more scared then she ever had been before.

"You wouldn't want to run from me before the fun starts, would you little girls?" the voice said. A figure in blood red robes appeared before them.

The dark elf necromancer (for that is what he was) began to cast a spell. A tough skeleton appeared at his side. The necromancer said something and the skeleton went after Peregryne. Peregryne swore colorfully.Then she unsheathed her swords. Talyaa didn't have time to watch though, because as soon as she turned her back on the necromancer her skin boiled.

Talyaa turned around and felt something coursing through her body, but ending up at her hands. It was growing stronger, and now she knew what it was. It was magic, and she was full of it. She also knew that if she lived through this she would never be a bard. She had druidic magic that had awakened during the race/fight with Daran. Now she understood. Now it was too late to turn back. Her skin boiled again and again. Her wolf and falcon friends went to attack the necromancer, but they hit a shield of black fire and collapsed, dead.

"NO!!" Talyaa screamed in denial, in anger. She pulled with her magic, pulling the green things and animals back to her childhood home. With the use of her raw magic she felt the cuts, bruises and broken arm of Peregryne. She felt the agony of the falcon and wolf as they drifted farther from life. Talyaa's stomach cramped and she felt sick, but she no longer could control her magic. It ran wild, all Talyaa could do was direct it.

"WAIT! Channel the magic through me!" Peregryne called. Peregryne was no longer fighting the skeleton, she had defeated it, so Talyaa sent her magic through Peregryne, letting Peregryne channel it so she would have more strength to send the spells. The magic was raw, not true spells, and Peregryne and Talyaa were in pain, not to mention the spells the necro was casting on them. Finally Talyaa sent enough magic through the channeling link Peregryne had with her, and it hit the necro full force. It was killing him, ripping him apart.

"You may kill me, but I'll make you pay for it!" the necro screamed. He let off one last spell. Talyaa felt her skin caressed painfully by lightning.

Eventually the pain stopped and Talyaa sat down, no strength in her body to move. Talyaa looked down at herself and knew she could heal all but three of her scars. Two wounds ran up and down her arms, because of her use of raw magic. The third scar was guilt. She knew that it was somehow her fault the villagers had died. She was going to carry that burden all her life. Talyaa stood up and with the last of her magic she healed herself. As she had predicted, three scars were left.

Peregryne picked Talyaa up as well as she could with her broken and good arms. Then she carried Talyaa back towards the city. The guards there looked at them in worry, but one look from Peregryne stopped them from doing anything. Peregryne walked all the way to the druid guild, kicked the front door open, ignored the druids, walked to the back door, kicked that door open, shoved a little girl out of her bed and put Talyaa down in the empty bed. Talyaa fell asleep before Peregryne had pulled the blanket up over her chest.

Talyaa faintly remembered being fed broth a couple times, but didn't really wake up until two days later. When she did the first thing she did was say "Thank you Pere."

"No problem, sisters have to stick together." was Peregryne's reply.

"I guess we are sisters after all." Talyaa said. Then a thought struck her. "I need to see my family records." Talyaa said, standing up. Peregryne sighed, but shoved Talyaa down on the bed and handed her a folder with a number of papers in it. Talyaa stared, and then realised Peregryne must know her well. Talyaa shook her head and started reading through the papers. At last she found it, and read it.

<What she read was: The druid Lanyara, once well known, had finally retired from wandering the world of Norrath and had decided to come home. When she arrived at the village, she found a darkelf necromancer, namely the infamous Larksbane, torturing the people of her village. Lanyara, being low on mana, bound him in the plane of hate. He cursed her and said that when her next descendant showed signs of druidic magic he would come back.: Nice story huh?>

"Peregryne, I am the reason they died" Talyaa said unhappily.

"No, the dark elf is. Someone would have come along with druidic magic eventually, Talyaa" Talyaa didn't believe her.

"My name isn't Talyaa. Talyaa died when she met the necromancer. My name is Lyrebyrd. I am sister to Peregryne, and I am going to be a druid, if I have to train myself!" Talyaa/Lyrebyrd said.

Peregryne grinned and showed Lyrebyrd her reflection in a mirror. "Also, Lyrebyrd had blond hair, blue eyes." Peregryne agreed happily.

The two sisters looked out the window and saw their new life rising with the sun.

ay Tunare Bless You With
Sunny Skies and Dry Roads

Lyrebyrd Falconspirit
Dreamer, Writer and Holder
of the One True Magic.