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Kalest MoonGlade
10-04-2003, 10:53 PM
Looking for a walk through on the VT key quest so I can try and get what parts I can solo and learn the quest. If anyone has a link to a good walk through it would be much appreciated.

Kalest MoonGlade
63rd Hierophant of Tunare.
Solusek Ro.

10-05-2003, 12:10 AM

Some things on this are out of date. For instance, Rifts now drop off wraiths which spawn after you kill emp each wraith drops 8ish rifts. The other thing that's wrong is in acrylia, Grimmlings skullcrackers no longer drop the shard. The Acrylia Shard is obtained in inner acrylia (which is no longer key'd) off Bloodguards.

Here's the checklist/quick and dirty version we used:

[x ] - Dat - Fungus Grove from Shik`Nar Warriors and Royals
[x ] - Dax - Akheva Ruins from Xi Vius, Shadow Reavers, and Shade Golems
[x] - Kel - The Grey from Sun Revenants near the Lake
[x ] - Kelera - Sanctus Seru from A Legionnaire of the Hand, or Legionnaires on the top area of the zone
[x ] - Lor - Dawnshroud Peaks from Rockhoppers/Sambata in and near the cave
[X ] - Raf - The Deep from Thought Horrors and Thought Leeches, any but Young
[x ] - Set - The Scarlet Desert from Sun Revanants and Reavers on the Plateau
[x ] - Tak - Maiden's Eye from named Goranga
[x ] - Ved - Inner Acrylia from Bloodguards
[x ] - Vin - Ssraeshza Temple from Skeletons in the Mines

[X]Glowing Orb of Luclinite
[X ]Rift

[x] Box

Combine these in the Scepter and you will create a new item that is a 2 slot container. In the new container, you will need to combine the Rift (which was summoned by a staff that drops from Emperor Ssraeshza, and is now dropped by the mobs that spawn when he is killed. if you have an old version of this item, put it in a forge and hit combine to get the new, no drop, version) and and the Glowing Orb of Luclinite, which drops from various high end Luclin Mobs. You will then obtain your Sceptor of Shadows, which will get you into Vex Thal.

Kalest MoonGlade
10-05-2003, 12:16 PM
Hey this is awsome, Thanks a ton Seriena-Joolz.

Kalest MoonGlade
63rd Hierophant of Tunare
Solusek Ro.

10-06-2003, 03:31 PM
Can we sticky this thread? Best VT walkthrough thread, and definitely the easiest to understand!
Kudos Seriena for making it simple!

Elder Alaten
Storm Warden

10-06-2003, 08:09 PM
Just so you guys know, the container is soloable for us druids provided that you have either Exodus, Egress, or a 96% rezzer ready to rez you. Basically what you do is set off the traps and since they're on a respawn timer you have a window of about 15-20 mins to get to the room that drops the container. The Red Sox and Oakland A's are about to play so I can write up a full detailed walkthrough if you'd like later tommorow.

10-06-2003, 09:00 PM
your rooting for red sox...right? *shakes fist* :p

10-12-2003, 02:54 AM
This is the guide i posted on my guild's msg board, it has some map links which i got from the eqdruids guide and info from both the Ranger's Glade ( and eqdruids ( Though my guide is simpler i think since i gathered all info and did all myself. Here it is:

I have succesfully soloed and duo'ed 9 of the 10 vex thall shards, here's how i did it:

- DSP (easiest): go to rockhopper cave and kill either A Sambata Tribal Worker OR A Rockhopper Ravager. They should drop the shard real quick. Easy to solo for a druid just root/dot in the pathway in. They are positioned deep into cave, just run in invis, nothing can see you except some mobs at the end.

- The Grey: Go to the NW corner of the zone (see this map) There should be a lake with 6-8 Sun Revenants which are giant skellies. They are easy to solo just root dot and kill. Dropped on first kill. To get there get EB and invis and to kill pull them to wall, no wanderers around anyways.

-Sanctus Seru: HAH this was a long camp but i found out how to do it. I actually did this with Gowry's (paladin) help and Nedor (necro) but can definately be done solo. You can either kill the 2 guards on zone in from DSP until A Legionnaire of the Hand spawns and actually drops the shard. OR you can invis in, head into the city and just as you enter the city and get out of the zone in tunnels look to the side and back, there should be a tapestry portal thingie that takes you to the "wall" of the city. Plenty of legionnaires here and more importantly Intervallum Guards which was the guy who dropped my shard. There can be plenty of adds here but can be done solo.

-Fungus Grove: This is easy but you need either a pacifier or lvl 65 to pull solo. Just before the last room in the caves there are Shik`Nak Warriors. They can be easily soloed. You can also try in the last room the Shik`Nak Royal Guards which are huge and are paladins. These 2 NEED to be pacified but they drop good loot and can drop shard quicker. They need to be pulled to the wall in the water in their cave. Just invis into cave and keep in mind you will be KoS fast! hehe.

-Scarlet Dessert: This was a pain for me because the Sun Revenants/reavers (these are the droppers) are LBs or greenies but they hit hard 120 max and can add if not pulled correctly. Head to the plateau thing in SD and pull them from the ruins. I was here for about 3-4 hours. They break root like mad! It's actually an easy camp but wasn't for me lol!

-Akheva: This was easier than i thought take a look at this map
you want to set up camp southwest of where it says Camp 1. You clear this of the only Alien dude who is here and then proceed to activate floor traps. There is one floor trap that brings up either A Roubble Rouser or a Shade Golem. You want to run around so if you actually activate a trap you dont agro. All trap mobs EXCEPT the mind worms drop the shard. Pull the mob to where i said to camp and proceed to kill. Was really fast for me, invis and head in, nothing sees invis here so easy to get to camp.

-Acrilya Caverns: this one is easy, the bad part is getting to camp. Just invis in and head to Inner Acrilya. Kill some skellies since they see invis at entrance. Once dead invis again and then enter IA, head right, into the door , up the stairs and left to the statue thingie. Click it, once there set up camp in the center room. I did it solo setting camp in one of the pillars things. Anything there can drop shard, either a Sanctum Bloodguard or the priest (forgot name). Was a long camp for me but people say it drops frequently.

-The deep: This one i did with the help of a pacifier (Ailph). Check out this map. You want to loc 250, 250. Take 2 rights from zone in and then look right. You HAVE to pacify everything on the way there, since some mobs randomly see invis. There is a Though leech camp here. Mob that dropped my shard was A Thought Leech (not evoker or the other caster). Young Thought Leeches WILL NOT drop it. Pretty easy and dont need to cross invis bridge.

- Mayden's Eye: AH the most tedious camp! Took my a little to get my shard though. Check this map. Head to where it says Prophet. You can clear this camp of Scouts pretty easy pulling to the wall. Watch when you pull though, plenty of adds. Eventually a Goranga Prophet will spawn and drop your shard, keep in mind shard is a rare drop of named. I did this one solo.

You can get the frame solo pretty easy. Just takes an evaccer or luck (or FD). The way is pretty much how it says in the Akheva map above. The real danger here is the Traps! Just try to avoid them and if you trigger them evac, fd or run to zone. Run 3 helps a lot here! Then come back, the trap will be gone. Head to the sacrificial room invised of course. Stand on the pit where the sacrificial remains are with your back on the dead center of the wall so you dont agro the 3 four arms that are there. Kill the 2 Sacrificial Remains that are in melee range (they are lvl 1). Keep doing this until the Shimmering Presence spawns and do your hand ins (first Summoned Wisp Stone, then after Akelra`ha spawns give him the Essence Emerald). This was pretty easy till i figured it out. Just avoid traps and you will be fine.

Hope it helps!!!

10-16-2003, 03:19 PM
Any class can solo the cepter frame. Just need SoW, Invis, and (shrink potions, optional maybe?)

sow and invis then start running to the camp, when you hit a trap run back to zone out. Come back in and try again. After 4 or 5 attempts you should have all the traps that are in your way cleared and you can run right up. Watch out for see invis mobs around the camp. When you get to camp keep your back against the wall the whole time. Invis is no longer needed. Kill the 3 guys closest to you (1hp each or something like that, level 1 nuke kills them) The 4th (farthest) guy I never killed as I heard you cant get to him without agro from above. Never tried it unshrunk, never tried killing the 4th guy. Worked fine for me and I showed a couple guildies how to do it this way.

Getting the scepter frame this way was prolly the most fun I had doing the VT key.

02-12-2004, 07:52 AM
easyest way to do ME shard. after patches run in press track and kill the named that are up ive goten over 15 shards this way