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10-06-2003, 04:07 PM
As of our update on October 9th, the Solid Coal of Prowess, Blook Ruby of Understanding, and Ooze-Covered Pebble of Perfection will no longer be valid augmentations. If you had these augmentations bonded to an item, you will find them on your cursor. You can take those items to Dible Hedledrap in South Ro and he will restore your adventure points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have some open inventory space to hold these items! Also, if you zone with those items on your cursor, they will disappear. So when you log in before the update, make sure you have some free space in your inventory. And when you log in after the update, make certain to get those items off your cursor and into your inventory.

This change is happening due to an issue with some of the new LDoN items. These three augmentations will be replaced with three similar augmentations that fit into slot 7 or 8. Along with that, pre-LDoN items that were given slot type 1 will now have slot type 7.

Essentially, this will mean no change for those with these augmentations in their pre-LDoN items. It will, however, restrict the use of multiples of these augmentations on LDoN items. We apologize for the changes, but these items needed to be more restricted to help maintain game balance.


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