View Full Forums : Why Register? - Updated: Dec 27 - "I Can't Post!, Help!"

Sobe Silvertree
11-05-2003, 01:48 PM
Currently if you register, you can’t post till you respond to an email sent to you directly to verify that you have a proper email. If you haven’t received this email you must contact me at

Why is this so?

1. We as a community pay for the boards.

2. We as a community run these boards.

3. Helps Block unwanted Posting of "Advertisement/SPAM" and other post that are not desired on these boards.

4. Its Now Board Policy.

5. Registration allows you more privileges and allows you to see more when you properly register.

6. If you have a fake email at this time - go to your user cp and change it or one day you may find that I set your account to "Awaiting email confirmation" which means you can only read the boards. - Please ensure your spam filter will accept emails.

7. We have future plans for all gamers that play the Druid class; our plans will become apparent in the coming months and I believe you will enjoy this approach to our Forums.

All we want in this community is for people to be honest about their feelings and be honest of whom they are. You can't have one w/o out the other IMO and since my opinion is at the control panel.. then I will put my foot down when I see this.

Your email remains private to the boards and only the admin can spam you if you choose this option. Everyone needs to have a proper email, which is the one thing we do ask and that is final.

Added Features For Registered Only Members:
- New Section for Registered Members accomplished.
- Ability to Search forums is now for "Registered Members" only.
- Private Calendar.
- Several Images/Screen Shots can only be viewed by Registered Members.
- More to come.