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01-28-2004, 09:07 PM
One of my all time favorite games years ago on a Commodore 64 was a game called Pirates where you get to terrorize the Carribean. Now there appears to be a new MMORPG currently in alpha with just that theme! And boy, am I excited!

Pirates of the Burning Sea (

You pick the country you serve, French, Spanish or British, they all have various advantages. It is a skill based system rather than class based. You can work for a trading company, be a free trader, a merchant or work your way up in the Navy or you can be a pirate!

There is no leveling treadmill, at least not with levels, but rather with skills.

And apparently they're working on a legal system to deal with griefers.

Hardened criminal or occasional scoundrel? Griefers beware: our legal system tracks crimes and witnesses, then applies penalties based on the severity of the crime and who saw you commit it. So take down a ship with no one around and you may get away with it — but attack the gold fleet in San Juan harbor and all the forces of the law will be turned loose on you.

This is currently slated for Q4 2004. So keep your flintlock ready!