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02-15-2004, 08:54 PM
Any of you ever experance this with Verizon home phone service? You call them up, and ask them to come to fix a problem with your service. You sit home all day till they come. You check the website to see where they are. Day ends, they never come. Nextday you check the website and they say the tech came, and said the problem is inside the house. One problem, none EVER rang my doorball. WTF, this isn't the firstime either. I'm sick of verizon's poor CS. A whole saturday 100% wasted.

I even know my problem too. It has nothing to do with my house at all. The problem is on the pole. Sqaurrel's chew the lines, because they taste sweet. When the cover gets eatten off, water gets into the lines causing static. I've lived in the same apt building, since 1995. Every single time I call them it's the same song and dance. When I finally see a dam tech, I have to fight with him for 45mins to get him to check the pole. Guess what, every single time I was right, and the phone is fixed in 10mins.

I'm so freaking sick of companies hiring lazy people, who don't do what they get paid for. And I mean c'mon. People go to school for this junk. I never took on class about phone repair and I know more then the tech? WTF is wrong with this picture.

Sorry for the boring rant. I'm pissed.

alyn cross
02-16-2004, 02:46 PM
similar, yeah... back on dialup i had them connect a 2nd line to me, but then never came in and said it was done... just appeared out by the box and i got a phone call like two days later asking how my service was...

they actually did nothing, as the house was already wired for 2 lines (standard 4 wire cable) and they just had to set up my account to pay for the 2nd and assign it a number... all the wiring within the box and all the wiring inside, i had to take care of.

i never even met the technician who didn't do anything... /shrug.