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03-16-2004, 12:17 AM
I noticed the last thread was closed due to vicious comments but I wanted to show others what Shadowbane's economy does and how it works. Ultimately a game is an activity which charaters perform challening tasks to further their charater. Slow progress generally has lower challenge while higher challenge has greater reward etc. In any case, wealth enters and exits AND depending on what rate wealth exits(decays) will determine inflation or deflation due to the balance between coin wealth and item wealth or skill wealth.

This thread is not intended to cause hurt feelings but to show what another game has done. Please focus on what you like and do not like about what Shadowbane has done and why. I would prefer to not have direct attacks against others but a discussion why certain activities(such as item repair) are not desireable. I know certain discussions have been covered and points already covered do not have to be necessarily covered again.

Money flow diagram.

Shadowbane's econ guide page 1.

Shadowbane's econ guide page 2.

Shadowbane's econ guide page 3.

Shadowbane's econ guide page 4.

Some definitions:
TOL is tree of life. Since Shadowbane is PvP, a guild has a city which it has captured or created and the TOL represents the point which has to be defended or the city ceases.

A citizen: I think, is a player charater.

ARAC: do not know.


If you read all the pages you will see a very complex game economy. This type of economy may be for some but not others since a game's complexitity would vary by what a player thinks is fun...

PS I got this info by performing a search on the word economy.

03-16-2004, 02:15 AM
ARAC = "All Races, All Classes" - it says it in a sentence slighty above

03-28-2004, 05:17 AM
there are a few problems that i see in this type of economy
1) It is very hard to balance without using PvP as somekind of balance on cities size and competition that commit your game to a PvP and limit the size of your player base (i know a lot of people who are not willing to play a PvP game)
2) I am not sure that i want to keep killing mobs in order to repair my items for me it look like one more time sink, i need to spend so and so hours every month just farming coins so i would be able to fix my items.

I think that what SoE did with the casino is a good way to do as a Coin sink,

I think for example that you can make the bank charge you money (not HUGE amount but small a mount per account) mybe if you want to have extra slot in banks you need to buy them.
The idea of coin sink is something that make sense you just need to find the right things to use (tribute is also nice idea).