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03-30-2004, 02:22 AM
As you may have noticed the druids grove was down for most of the day yesterday. This was the reason why, it wasn't your ISP. The server simply was dead.

At this time, all network services have been fully restored to our data center. The cause of the outage was a major distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) aimed at one of our main routers. Once we isolated the problem, we quickly worked with our upstream provider to resolve it. A full report detailing the problem and the steps we will be taking to prevent it from happening again will go out tomorrow. All services are now up, but you may experience email delays as remote networks re-establish connections with our servers.

Also you might have noticed you get turned away from the TDG at peek times. I'm forced to cut CPU power we use, because we have been overloading the server. This is not a perm change. After Fan Fair Weekend, the TDG will be moved to a different server that can handle our increase in viewership. Adding content to the site, will begain again after the move. This server does add increased overhead to running the site. If you have a couple of bucks to throw in our coffer please do. It's not req'ed, but asked.

Few people have worked very hard for me, building content for the site. I wish to thank them for all their hardwork, and it will be added very soon.

Araxx Darkroot
03-30-2004, 03:42 AM
Another forum I go to A LOT was attacked a few weeks back by a scammer, and the bastage deleted a lot of old stuff we had stored there. We've prepared a few surprises for him - or any other dork trying to use our server - to catch and hand him over to the pertinent authorities (the forum owner actually handed them into the FBI), and if you want I can copy and paste these steps which also ensure no information is affected on the host server.