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04-06-2004, 12:58 PM
The live demonstration for Everquest 2 at the Fan Faire was amazing. Several members of the media participated, as one of the computers was projected onto a large screen for everyone to see. Other than minor electrical problems the live demonstration went off great. I personally got to sit down at one of the computers for about an hour and a half and try it out for myself as a TDG representative, and I can just say that this is certainly a game worthy of my time. The intricate detail that went into every aspect amazed even the biggest of skeptics there. I don't believe anyone that saw the demo walked away with doubts about EQ2.

Ten highlights:

You start out on a boat.
The introduction quest is very entertaining and enlightening.
The game does a wonderful job of helping you learn the basics.
There were three races not in the demo; Half Elf, Erudite, and Froglok.
After the introduction boat, you land on a newbie island called the Isle of Refuge.
In the time that they played, they got to level 7, and made it off of the Isle of Refuge.
You don't bob around underwater like you do in EQ.
Your vision underwater is a little blurred, simulating real life, very nice btw.
There are several different visions, Ultravision and Infrared to name a couple, there is also a Sonic vision which wasn't demonstrated yet.
The game doesn't need a super computer to look good, and run well.

Although we here at TDG haven't compiled our own screenshots as of yet, rough weekend give us time, I have some links here of some nice shots for you to check out.

Nanyea of The has some great shots hosted here ( With a great writeup on the experience here (

Baelish has also put up a great walkthrough of the experience, and some screenshots to boot here (

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