View Full Forums : TDG upgrades and expansion - We need your help!

04-13-2004, 05:21 PM
First off, on behalf of the entire Druid's Grove staff, I would like to again thank all those who have donated cash to keep your Druid community afloat. Our fire is glows brightly in the vast ocean of fansites and communities....

But we've got to keep it going.

/clangs her tin cup on the ground

There are several upgrade and expansion ideas in the works, but we need the community to support these endeavors. Please, especially if you have not donated before, help your community keep moving and providing a place for you to laugh, cry, share, vent, and learn about online Druid gaming. (

Toss in what you can and what you feel is appropriate and thanks again in advance for doing your part to keep your community going strong. =D