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04-19-2004, 06:50 PM
Please direct all comments and suggestions for the spells section to this thread.

Thank You.


05-21-2004, 09:24 PM
This is pretty neat. Is it finished yet? Caused I am keep getting this. There have been no posts in the last 30 days in this forum.
Try using the controls below to search for any older posts that may exist. when I click on those topics.

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06-23-2004, 07:08 AM
Looks good. Only thing I would ask for is a spells listed by expansion/release date. Ive been away from the druid class for about a year now and its confusing trying to figure out what spells Im missing that are worth getting :)

07-08-2004, 04:19 PM
I would really like it if the spells were listed in order of level within the grouping.

Other than that, it looks great!


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Sorry to add on to the end of your message Borras but I don't actually seem to be able to post messages here myself despite being a moderator on this section.

You can order the topics in the sections by clicking on the title and that will put them into level order, just click "Title" at the top of the column to arrange them.

You could also use the <a href="">Contents</a> page to find what you were looking for, all the spells there are divided into sections.

I hope that helps.



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07-16-2004, 10:17 PM
The "downgrade/upgrade" part on the heals is just plain wrong.

Druids get more than one line of heals, and that downgrade/upgrade part doesnt take that into account.

The upgrade to tunare's renewal is karana's renewal, not the crappy nature's touch. Nature's Touch is actually a downgrade from BOTH chloroblast and Tunare's renewal, being less healing per mana than tunares and practically the same healing/second as cloro, with the downside of waiting 5.5 seconds for anything to be healed at all.

From 50+ it goes:
Superior Heal>Nature's touch>cloroblast>Nature's infusion>sylvan infusion


Tunare's renewal>karana's renewal

just my 2cp

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The "upgrade" and "downgrade" links aren't really the true upgrade or downgrades to the spells, they are merely the next in that line of spells based off the level requirement for the spell. I contemplated changing them around in the manner you suggested but decided to leave it in a linear level progression format for simplicities sake.

I would suggest that you post a message under the <a href="">"Nature's Touch"</a> thread and let people know exactly what you've expressed here.


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08-01-2004, 02:52 PM
There is a level 61 spell called Entangle listed in the big list. No information on this spell exists.

I've never heard of this spell. Perhaps it should be removed from the list unless it really exists. If it is a beta spell, that should be noted on it.

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yeah, that's one of the new spells with Omens of War, I updated the contents hoping I could post the omens of war spells but because I can't make posts at the moment I can't do anything about it. Sent a private message to the admin over a week ago but haven't heard anything yet and still can't post new messages hence tagging this edit on your post.

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08-09-2004, 05:53 AM

08-13-2004, 01:15 PM
Am I missing something or is the highest resist magic spell that we get a lvl 49 spell?

08-13-2004, 07:18 PM

You're correct, resist magic is the highest magic resist spell that most classes get, the only exception is Enchanters and Bards (watch somebody prove me wrong).

As far as druid spells go, Resist Magic is the best we've got to offer.


09-02-2004, 11:28 AM
Sooo, you're missing spells. Wanna update these lists? (i.e., I don't see GoD spells in there).

09-02-2004, 02:08 PM
This wasn't serberus fault, it was mine. I had to give him access to post in the spell area's. I Couldn't get the time to do it till today.

09-23-2004, 06:53 PM
I just lost all the notes information I had produced for this spells section. As I do not have a recent backup of this information I have decided to postpone any updates on this section.

I will leave it up as a point of reference and so it can be used for discussion but the data will remain inaccurate, I recommend you use the links to the lucy database for accurate information.



09-30-2004, 11:35 AM

Little Rhunt
04-07-2005, 01:42 PM
Hello, can someone update this list with the 66-70 spells?

Also, it would be helpful to have an indication which expansion each spell belongs to, thanks.

04-24-2005, 04:12 PM
ummm....How about a section for spells by LEVEL?

edit: NM...see that the sticky has it...just not labeled SPELLS by LEVEL...) :bubbrubb2

10-09-2005, 07:37 PM
I'm taking over Serebus's work and updating the individual spell entries as well as recreating the master spell list.

Please continue to post your comments and suggestions here.

Many spell entries are currently incorrect in level or description or altogether missing. I'm working though those now, so don't post about those kinds of issues, yet.


11-27-2005, 12:57 PM
I returned to the game after being gone about a year. Right after Oow came out, I took a break.

Now I'm looking to get my spells, and I'm not sure where/how on a lot of these. I think if there was a list that listed by expansion it would help me out. Unless there already is such a list and I just can't find it.


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