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05-03-2004, 10:14 PM
From Brenlo: (
Melee Downtime Changes on Test!
We have made some changes on the Test Server to reduce melee class downtime. Regeneration should be faster while sitting and this should allow melee types to get back into the fray much quicker. Help us test this new feature and send us your feedback by using the Dev Corner feedback feature or by posting on the Official EverQuest Forums at under On Test.

Thanks all and we appreciate your feedback on this proposed change!

Brenlo the Faster Healer

Further Clarified by Rytan (
It seems like everyone is still confused about this, so let me take a crack at clarifying.

1) HP regen now scales better from 1 to 65. Previously natural regen did not increase until level 51. Now it increases every 10 levels.

2) For every minute you are sitting, you will see an increase in the amount per tick you are regenning. I.E. The longer you sit, the more you're regenning per tick.

3) You can now bandage up to 70% inherently. The only different for having 200+ skill is the amount of HP healed per bandage now. The AA will still increase the maximum amount you can bandage to.

4) You can now bandage while you are sitting and therefore reap the benefits of both sitting regen and bandaging at the same time.

5) Races that have an inherent bonus to regen will maintain an advantage over those that do not. Their natural regen will remain greater then other races, and they will receive a secondary % based bonus to the bonus for each minute they are sitting.

6) You will not receive the increased regen/minute resting while you are under the effects of a DoT, including the lich line.

This in no way represents a completion, or even an attempt, at rebalancing melee in the high end game. This is a direct attempt at reducing the downtime associated with low and mid level melee characters that are complete dependant on their HP as a limiting factor. Casters, via the meditate skill, already receive an increase mana regen over their level progression, we're simply providing melee with a bonus to counter balance this somewhat.

Especially at mid levels are subject to extreme amounts of downtime in a situation where they do not have outside healing available. It is our hope that these changes will drastically decrease the downtime of melee characters at those levels when they are unable to find a group with a healer, and allow them an opportunity to gain exp at a rate closer to that which casters are already able to.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion, and gives a better idea of what we hope to accomplish with these changes.

As always, your continued feedback is welcome, and appreciated.