View Full Forums : Brenlo, Ashlanne and Kytherea, oh my!

05-11-2004, 03:42 PM
A few messageboard feathers were ruffled when Kytherea mentioned on the Sony EQ boards that <a href=""><i>"we [SOE Staff] have been asked not to post to off site boards"</i></a> (click quote to read the full post). In a follow up post (and after a bit of uproar), she clarified by saying, <i>"It is not really a prohibition, my take on this is simply that Ashlanne and I are too new as Community Representatives and it is desired that we take a little time to get used to our positions before going to fan sites and posting."</i>

essageboards being what they were, word and rumor had already spread that SOE was no longer posting on external forums.

Our good friend <a href="">Brenlo stopped by to dispel any such myths</a> and let us know that they [SOE] are still very much interested in what the various class boards have to say.

In an effort to both assist Brenlo and Kytherea and to consolidate the "Druid List v.87.4303," Chenier has created <a href="">this thread</a>. <b>Please make sure that you read the rules before posting, or your post may be deleted!</b> All discussion should take place in <a href="">this thread</a>.