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Solice Farwalker
05-27-2004, 09:13 PM
Sigh - When I tried to log in today I got the message I already have a charater logged in (I don't). so

1) I went to EQ-Live and contacted customer support - they told me I would have to contact a GM. (click on the contact gm button in EQ-Live)

2) I went back to EQ-Live clicked on the GM button filled out the form and received an email:

"We have currently put in place a new petitioning system in EverQuest
starting on May 26th 2004. Please use this system by clicking on the
"?" in your window selector while you are in game. This will be the
fastest and most efficient way to get your petition resolved."

Since I can't log on this is not possible.

The email goes on to say:

"If your e-mail is not in regards to an in-game problem then please visit the following website and submit your e-mail accordingly."

That of course is the people telling me to use the contact gm link.

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