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Mannwin Woobie
07-02-2004, 04:01 PM
I took this quote form a thread about SotW reuse timer. After many people had posted, this person decides to post a long 'story' in response to some people's thoughts that the dev's are screwing the Druids on the timer issue.......and then the following:

Is that what some of you think honestly is happening at SoE? Based upon what I'm reading here it sure sounds like it. I'm a little scared to think what some of you do for a living and how you deal with frustrations at your job or school. And I certainly can now understand where a road rage attitude might come from.

AFTER all that, he moves on to actually posting within the thread.

What is the point of including this crap in your post? Why bother to try and insult/put down everyone else before making some meaningful contribution to the thread? Do you think that will make your post seem much more wise and enlightened? It's the judgemental people who sit in the left lane all day, refusing to move over, trying to "teach" the other drivers how things "should" be done; THEY are the cause of the road rage you speak of.

I usually pass over this garbage, but I was in the middle of dealing with job frustrations, and I wasn't behind the wheel, so had nobody to run off the road......thank god this post came along.