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02-12-2006, 05:39 PM
Any good quests to do for a 49 druid. Not sure where to get any good quests for druid specific stuff. If there is any. If anyone can help I would appreciate it as I am looking for a good quest to do around my level that will give me some cool armor / exp.



p.s. does not matter how long it takes to do it. :)

02-13-2006, 01:31 AM
Have you done Cortello's Riddle which gives you a 14slot bag at the end?

Are you looking to solo or party up?

I did summoning the princess lately in a group of 4 ( total ).

I'm 1 lvl behind you now, so I'm interested to see what others say as well.

02-13-2006, 08:26 PM
Yeah same here... I am curious to see what others say. I have yet to find a good quest to do that yealds a good item... maybe I could do a write up of the quests as I do them and post it here.

Then others can find out what to do with druids when they get in the same place as us. But this will be after I find info on where to do these quests.


02-14-2006, 07:04 AM
I'm a couple levels behind you (47), but from trolling thott it looks like there are some decent quest rewards in Maruadon.

02-14-2006, 02:12 PM
My girlfriend and I did "The Star, The Hand And The Heart" last night.

It was green by this time for me, still yellow for her, but elite so we figured it would have a few bumps but nothing bad. Read up on it on thottbot and heard about 47 druids soloing the whole thing so I figured no probs.

The Star from Grel(something) in the ruins above Southshore was cake.

The Hand from a 41 elite giant off a tiny murlock infested island NE of Theramore Isle, cake.

The Heart not so cake. This 44 elite witch dr was surrounded by about 6 41-43 mobs and had his own 41 ( I think ) minion.

We pulled most of the mobs one by one, and were down to about 3 of them including the boss and his minion. We pulled the boss, pulling the minion and the mob and then I don't know if he summoned 2 more casters or they were repops but 2 more witch drs ( non eilites ) show up. F'n great...I'm in bear ( with thorns, MotW, OoC & barkskin ) trying to keep them off her. I shifted once to heal her and recast barkskin and go back to bear where we finished them off and stealthed out.

It was a LONG hard fought battle, but it was FUN! :) The final item is an off hand +7 int item that can also boost your run speed by 60% for 10 seconds, but hits you for 100 - 500 hp and 100 - 500 mana every 2 secs. That's just messed up.

Have you done Stranglethorn Fever? That was fun one. 3 waves of apes.

There should be some good quests to knock out down in Gadz, for XP at least.

You should also be just about ready to hit the area south of Badlands ( Burning Steps maybe? )

We stumbled across the dark portal the other day. Surrounded by some nasty 54s with 54 pets. We didn't stand a chance and ran ran ran. She went into plant tunnel vision until she aggroed the 54 from about 1/2 a mile a way. I pulled aggro, got her to run and then ran myself. It was an exploring weekend :)

02-24-2006, 09:37 AM
I would recommend checking out Searing Gorge, if you haven't already been there. There's a flight point and a camp with lots of quests in the northwest of the zone. Most of the quests are killquests, and there's one gathering quest which ends up being a long chain. I wouldn't bother with the gathering quest as the drop rate of the quest item is absurdly low, the others are all killquests from what i remember though, and those are pretty damn good. :)

One of the quests is to kill incendosaurs. Incendosaurs can be found in a cave in the northeast of the big pit in the centre of the zone - the best way to get in there is to jump off the cliff at the top and try to land on the big metal platform. If you take the cave entrance that's second-from-right, and then bear right once you're inside, you'll see em. :)

Incendosaurs also drop scales, which are needed for a repeatable quest that gives you thorium brotherhood reputation. TB rep is one of the most worthwhile factions imho, there is great stuff for just about all professions.

Also, in the middle-east of the zone you will find a wooden outhouse with a guy who is apparently locked inside. He gives you a quest to bring him some silk cloth (so grab some from teh AH before you head to searing gorge), and to kill some archaeologists, who are right next to the outhouse. Whilst you're in searing gorge you can also get a wooden outhouse key as a random drop. Using this key on the wooden outhouse lets the guy escape from it, so it's nice easy exp if you're doing the killquests anyway.

I wouldn't recommend Burning Steppes just yet. Wait for lvl 53 or so before you head there. Ungoro crater has a very large number of quests, but they mostly take a long time to do, and Ungoro is a scary place for anyone below lvl 50..

Finally, there's some decent quests in felwood which are about right for your level.

Let us know how you get on.. :)


02-24-2006, 12:30 PM
There are some good quests in Mara, and good drops to be had there. Some druid specific gear from Mara that comes to mind:

Soothsayer's Headdress (caster)
Fungus Shroud Armor (feral)
Albino Crocoscale Boots (feral)
Cloud Stone (offhand)

Also, you can probably start running Sunken Temple around your level. Killer drops there, including:

Al' Atai Spaulders of the ____ (random stats, huge ac)
... wow, there are a bunch others though I forget.

As far as Zones to quest in, I did a lot of flying from place to place, finishing old quets like the star, hand and heart or whatever, until I got to 50 when I headed to Un'Goro.

02-24-2006, 03:32 PM
If you head to Un'Goro, even at 51 ( like I am now, which reminds me to update my sig ), avoid the West side for a while and ALWAYS be on the lookout for the random Devilsaur. They seem to materialize out of the fog and are on top of you before you know it.