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02-23-2006, 11:44 AM
Not sure if this is the right area of the forum but . . .

I have been doing a bunch of the cenarion circle/twilight quests and stuff in silithus. I also have tons of the twilight 3-piece clothing drops used to summon the elemental avatars at the lesser wind stones. This works out well as it provides good filler time when I only have grind time but don't have group or raid time.

The problem is that although the twilight mobs go down very easily, I can't seem to solo the summoned avatars.

Has anyone had any success soloing these level 60 elites with their druids? I have a rogue friend who can do it handily but he uses a lot of stuns.

One of the problems is that the avatar melee hits do only magic damage and therefore bypass my bear armor. I'm specced 0/30/21 so normally fight elites in bear form and shift out to heal (NS or otherwise).

So if anyone has experience soloing these avatars please give me information on what you are doing. I haven't tried rooting and kiting, but normally with my current spec my mana won't last long enough to take down a lvl 60 elite doing that.


02-23-2006, 12:36 PM
I tried to solo these too. They are very hard.

Team up with a hunter or mage. Play healer. They are fairly trivial that way.

The only classes I've seen able to consistently solo these are hunters and paladins.

02-23-2006, 01:47 PM
Pack some Nature protection potions to give you the edge from their elemental attacks (I am mass producing them for my guildies now).

02-23-2006, 03:22 PM
Have'n done this as a more Resto spec'ed and a more Feral spec'ed, it's easier as Resto, but completely do-able for feral. To me the real risk was adds more then the elemental fights themselves... a couple of those summoning stones are in the direct path of the Prophet and her cronies.

I start off by clearing my area... including scorpions/worms in some spots. Fire/Earth have a knock back, so I usually use one of the rock clusters and back into that... it's also fun to use feral charge in mid-air if your not backed into a rock... but if your 'learning' I'd use the rock.

So for the fights, I'd start off in Bear and use Feral Bash for my first heal. Then back to bear for a Feral Regen as my second heal... this is where it gets 'up to you'. Orginally I stayed Bear the entire fight... after I got used to it and realized I was mainly dealing with Resists, not AC I started using Cat more for the finish/NS heal phase (earth stay in bear since that is an AC fight). Sometimes I'll have to work in another heal and if bash isn't refreshed.. the second they root me I shift out and regrowth.

Adds are really where innervate comes into play... the Prophet is an immediate loss... but scorps/cultists/worms can be dealt with. I prefer to just Bear'm, someone with NG might use that... it seems staying in caster and hibernating/rooting is a greater risk then just innervate and ignore'n as long as the templar is still up.