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02-23-2006, 07:17 PM
Now that I have hit 60, I have been spending a lot of time in BG's healing primarily. I am now just shy of MS (Rank 4) after 2 weekends of BG'ing. Goal is to be able to buy quality PvP gear. My question is:

What rank do I have to be to buy the PvP gear that gives a set bonus of +15% movement speed in forms? (I know one set requires 3 pieces, and the other requires 4 pieces, though not sure which is which). I am resto right now as my guild is just starting to raid MC guild only, and I am one of the main healers, but plan on eventually speccing back feral for the pure fun of it, and would love to have the PvP gear in the meantime.

Also, any suggestions on which BG's to run to rack up CP faster?

02-23-2006, 07:56 PM
Rank 8 is the first time the 4piece set bonus is aviable. At Rank 10 you'll get the head/shoulders so you have more options on which 4 pieces you wear to achieve the bonus. Rank 12 is the first 3 pieces of the armor with the 3piece speed bonus and rank 13 is the final 3 pieces of that set.

AB is the fastest honor of the BG's. 5min games are possible and even a grudge match is only going to last 30mins or so. WSG isn't bad honor, and if you can keep up 9~13min wins it's pretty good. The problem is hour long matches aren't unheard of... I've been in hour and a half+ WSG's. AV isn't even worth talking about for real honor grinding (as a healer, I find it's also the least enjoyable BG).

Beyond that, AB definatly has the best faction rewards. Exhalted AB > then the pvp armor... but what's real nice is at rank 10 you can get the 4/6 speed bonus and the 3/3 AB bonus (1% spell crit).

As a BG healer myself, I like the PvP armor. The speed bonus is fun, the hybrid stats are great... since your going to be forced into bear sooner or later, you might aswell have some teeth imho. I only wear full pvp heal gear if it's the alliance's Ateam... and mainly to juice spirit so innervate gets it's fullest effect.

02-24-2006, 01:38 PM
Thanks Rock. Thats exactly the info I was looking for.

02-28-2006, 12:10 PM
I'm almost to lvl 56, and I just respecced for the third time (thanks GhostBear) - i'm now feral/resto, instead of trying to pull off a tri-spec template.

My question is, what would y'all suggest be the best PvP gear I could use at this point? With MotW I'm currently a little over 1500 AC in caster form, and approx 5k AC in bear form. I've got right at 200 Int, about 190ish Stam, and a little over 100 Agility. I'm going for an agility, stam, int mix at the moment. I haven't been getting butchered much (provided 4 or 5 don't gang up on me - which does happen due to my many enemies) so I guess i'm on the right track...