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03-19-2006, 01:11 PM
I am a Moonkin. I LOVE my moonkin. I am a lev 60 druid and I have 5 pieces of my Cenarian set. I wear it cuz I have it but it's not the best gear for me. I'm nothing more than a heal bot in MC and Ony, but with all the healing there I can easily accomplish that task out of Moonkin form. Outside of those instances I am always grouped with 4 other casters to give them all the 3% spell crit bonus. (Makes me a popular druid in my guild) I dont have to heal, I get healed, and I get to do damage from far, far away. lol My spell crits have reached almost 2000, and warlocks and mages love me. All that said, I feel compelled to try to contribute a fair amount of dps.

Here are some of my questions, I am willing to do a lot of the research on my own but I need a place to start.
First...Where can I find a stat calculator to determine for druids specifically ( I've been told that 30agi = 1% crit chance for rogues does not apply to druids or other classes) what the conversions for AP, mana, etc are? I've looked for 2 hours now and well I'm frustrated.

My play style solo is to starfire, root, wrath, faire fire, moonfire, repeat as necessary and never let them get near me until they are near death. Once my Omen procs I can heal myself for free, and start again but I'm always low on mana. INTELLECT is a must. But how much and does anything else contribute noticibly in certain combinations to add to my mana?

Also I would like to see a lot of agi in my enchants, but before I commit to spending big bucks to enchant my gear with +15 agi, or strength to items I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck.

In the end I'd really like to see myself with a minimum of 10% chance ot crit.

Anyone able to help inform me? :shuffle:

Thanks in advance. :)

03-19-2006, 08:52 PM
Keep in mind that the agility has no effect on you r chance to crit with spells, just with physical attacks.

If you have the improved MF talents you already have at least 13% chance to crit just from your talents before considering your intelligence or gear.

If your question is about building a set of feral gear 10% to crit seems like an awful low target. You could get over that with just + to crit items without ever worrying about agility. Assuming your agi and str are pretty low in Moonkin form, your first priority should be str for feral gear to get your AP to decent levels.

If you are talking about spells, don't try to kite everyone. I'm only level 53, but in my Moonkin form my armor is nearly 7000 AC now with +80 damage to my spells, but the key is the armor. Some of my 60 pally friends don't have that much wearing plate. However there is no point to being a plate armored caster if no one ever hits you. Think about it.

03-20-2006, 12:47 PM
gwmort brings up a good point... spell crit is totally different than melee crit. I've reached 18.9% crit in cat form and wasn't even trying so yeah it's relatively easy to achieve a melee crit. I have found it somewhat difficult to accumulate +spell crit armor w/o sacrificing other stats, though.