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03-21-2006, 07:42 AM
these guides are for you out there who have trouble in dueling a warrior or rogues.. (yes, u can still beat them in restoration spec)

My build (nature grasp, feral charge, innervate, nature swiftness, are my key to winning the duel)

as most of u alredy know, warrior ussualy start the fight with charge and rogues wif stealth (ambush,etc)... my stratergy here is to cast nature grasp on urself and change to bear form and wait for their move (do this before the duel start), once they land their 1st hit, they will automatically be entangled (sometimes they might resist it)... Once they're entangled, change back to normal form, cast rejuv/HT/regrowth... walk a bit far.. and starfire/moonfire/wrath them until their entagle wear off... Once u see the entagle wear off.. make sure u're alredy in ur bear form. normalform vs warrior/rouges = GG :)

During the middle of fight, I'm sure you will need to heal urself.. I ussually do them when i hit 40% of my hp.. my bear will have around 20-30 rage, use BASH on them (mines is 4sec stun from feral tree). quickly switch back to normal form and entagle them... (this need to be done quickly... u need to switch form as soon u see that ur bash had work).. run off and heal,etc or nuke them wif spells :)

If they had somehow parry/resist/dodge ur bash... this is where ur nature swift come... quickly switch to normal.. NS and Healing touch... and switch to bear once again... if ur mana is low.. simply innervate...

If you're bash is still in cooldown as well as ur NS (nature swiftness)... hopefully ur Nature grasp will be free.. I switch back to normal form around 50% and do the usual routine from the start...

This stratergy is how I beat a warrior/rogues wif their epic tier1.. with simply wildheart gear (that gear is good for balance stats).. cenarion is lack of strength and agility...

well.. there u go... im still working on how to beat the other class.. i hope this will help..

03-21-2006, 02:04 PM
Here's a big tip for ya' Use Feral Charge to root someone and heal... I use it all the time vs. warriors and sometimes vs. rogues. Warriors very often try and get range on me to intercept charge, so they leave themselves quite open to it. Rogues generally keep you in tighter melee... but you'll get your openings.

Rogues have some more tricks for close range, so I charge them and put a good bit of distance between us, warriors I try and get in the dead zone so they can't break feral charge and charge me.

03-30-2006, 06:23 PM
Moonkin already destroy them. --> All the way! BARKSKIN OWNS!

04-01-2006, 05:00 PM
Only thing to watch for are warriors and rogues that get training in ranged weaps. I alost beat a 30 warrior yesterday, (I was lvl 26 at the time), but I ran out of mana. Got him down to critical too.