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03-29-2006, 08:06 AM
I pulled this from the Test Realm Forum. I've tried getting to the Druid forums on WoW but for me the forums aren't displaying (it doesn't show ANY messages in the Druid forum). Dunno if this is happening to anyone else so I will copy/paste the Quest guide from the Test Forum thread. This is not my guide and I did not write it. Sayde, from the Uther server did.

Quest starts at the Tauren Hunter in the Southeast of the Zone, the same one that gives the Apes and Raptor hunting quests.

First quest is half-easy, half-tedious; you are to collect Bloodcap Mushrooms from the budding sprouts littered all over the zone, thats the easy part. Now the tedious part is you have to collect stings from the Wasps at the Hive in Un'goro. The drop rate of the Stings isn't too bad, but the spawn rate and limited space of the Hive poses a problem with grinding them. They're too few Wasps around that they're a rarity mob making it more time-consuming to complete the quest. My personal time was about 1 hr, 20 mins while another Druid took over 3 hours to complete just the collecting of Stings; with no other Druid in the area to compete with.

The second quest is more comical than an actual quest which may off-set the first quest, it has you Stab a Devilsaur with an item. That may sound dangerous, but since you're a Druid you have the spell Hibernate and Entangling Roots; use one of these two spells to immobilize the Devilsaur then simply walk up and use the item on it. Quest complete, back to the Tauren.

Third quest is like other Classes, you will head down to the Sunken Temple in Swamp of Sorrow. Your quest is the combination lock that releases the giant Bog Beast in the giant pool, kill him and loot some kind of poison and return to the Tauren.

Now I understand the quest is designed for a lvl 52 Druid, but the quest rewards are somewhat lacking and not what I expected.

Reward A:
Grizzled Pelt - Leather Chest
151 Armor
+17 Strength
+16 Agility
+11 Stamina

Reward B:
Forest Embrace - Leather Chest
151 Armor
+8 Intellect
+7 Spirit
Equip: Increases Healing done by spells and effects by 55.

Reward C:
Moonshadow Stave - Staff
Equip: Increases Damage and Healing done by magical spells and effects by 18.
Equip: Restores 7 mana per 5 sec.
Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical chance with spells by 1%

03-29-2006, 10:18 PM
8 Stingers

I went into the hive, into the large room that is like a big X. Then proceeded to kill everything in that room and the 2 roamers in the hall leading to the room. Basically the wasps can spawn on any of the 10-12 spawn points and have a 33% chance of spawning. They then have a 20% or so chance of dropping a stinger. So it took me like 2 hours to get them all with no competition. And at 60 with a 0/30/21 and wearing blues it took about the time I cleared the room and the short hall to get respawns.

8 Shrooms

Just run around and get the pods, I liked to run in a 1/2 circle on the northern end of the zone following the zone wall and then along the river due to the lower level and more spread out aggro mobs there, took like 15-20 min. Got my 8 from 11 tries.

I'm going to try the rest tonight and will update if I find anything helpful.

Dagen - 60 Druid of Aegwynn

04-02-2006, 08:10 PM
After the stingers and mushrooms you get a special dagger that you have to stab a devilsaur with. Couldn't be much easier as a druid, though finding them sometimes is rough ( at least when you're looking ).

Root, Hibernate, stab, turn in quest.

Off to Sunken Temple for the next one ( should be able to run it with 3 or 4 f you have a good group ) and then turn in for the reward.

04-07-2006, 02:30 PM
If you're after Grizzled Pelt you may want to rethink that. It's much easier and quicker to get a small stealth group and go after "Hearthsinger Forresten" in Strat. he drops:
Songbird Blouse
Binds when picked up
Chest Leather
165 Armor
+13 Strength
+13 Agility
+13 Stamina
+13 Intellect
+13 Spirit
Durability 100 / 100

04-07-2006, 05:58 PM
Just finished this questline last night with a stealth run with another lv 60 druid friend into ST.

After stabbing the Devilsaur, the Tauren guy sends you to ST. Basically you have to kill the 6 troll bosses and 'turn on' / activate the statues around the big ring of water downstairs, causing the lv 52 boss spawns. I tanked, he dps's killing the trolls upstairs that guard the statues. Cake. Some decent blue drops as well which we d/e'd for some shards. On the boss, I tanked, he healed, downed the boss super quick. Finished the whole thing in approx 45 min. Pretty fun.