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04-10-2006, 04:09 PM
I've hit 60 had fun with my feral build. I know I need more gear, but it's a game and I just want to have fun. I played with moonkin on test server and hated it.. absolutly hated it. I got owned by man, given I pretty much only had my ferral gear. Many people go the route of getting all the spell gear they can hold which all the good stuff from what I understand is cloth. Here is what I was thinking was a melee type moonkin not depending on spell so much. You have the armor of bear, with a good 2 hander one could smash up things decently+ able to use spells.
After all this, it made me thing moonkin is really lacking something against casters. At least in bear we have ferral charge and bash if you're taur you can warstomp if you're NE you're SoL. We can root,but chances are most casters can out nuke us easily (which was the main reason why I didn't like moonkin). The stun from a weapon proc or starfire is no where near effective. Do you guys think moonkin needs something like the bear's bash? Ferral charge I am sure would be over the top for moonkin, I can always go to bear and ferral charge if needed.
What'ya think? am I full of it? :)

04-10-2006, 07:55 PM
I've only moonkin'ed on Test, but I can give you some ideas.

To begin with, I wouldn't respec if I were you till you collected some gear. From readin Stain's various posts on the WoW forums, +dmg gear is far and away the best gear for druid spell DPS.

There's leather around that'll fit the bill, I've always been leather over cloth myself... but if it's really nice, I wouldn't rule out cloth.

1vs1 - there's very little reason to stay in moonkin vs. casters. Better to have your heals ready to go. Rooting is also somthing you don't need... the only real reason to keep a caster rooted is if you have a melee friend beating on them.

As for melee'n in moonkin... The reason why War's and Rogues are so good with their weapons is all their special attacks (and talents)... even a Shaman has Windfury. The only thing we have is OOC, which will proc a cast... so it's best to be prepared to use nuking for your main source of damage.

04-11-2006, 07:33 AM
As a moonkin, I find the biggest problem with casters in PvP is my lack of good resist gear. If its a 1 on 1 situation I just go cat, because the armor doesn't help against a caster and the 1 second attacks interrupt fairly well.

I think part of the problem is I get a sense of untouchability as I walk around with 8000AC dropping 2000 dmg starfalls. When I face an elemental mob or caster opponent, it requires a different playstyle since the armor is effectively negated. I ronically, in BGs I find the biggest threat to me is another moonkin, as my arcane resistance is nearly nil and once we take some damage it becomes a MF spam race to the death.

I would like to see a relic for balance spec, perhaps increasing spell resistances.

04-16-2006, 01:07 AM
I've never been against another seems all the Horde druids on my server are all feral or resto, which seems to be spoken by their names like "Feralwarrior" and such. o_O;

04-16-2006, 01:11 AM
gwmort- You're a Horde Moonkin? ;) I saw one of those once! On my old horde server.* He was just stopping by crossroads though so it was only for a moment or two and I didn't realize what it was.

04-17-2006, 09:51 AM
I'm alliance, but I have seen a few horde moonkins, there are two that have been tracking my BG brackets as we've been leveling.

Also as to Rockwell's comments on meleeing in moonkin...
I agree, don't melee a mage in Moonkin, unless you have a nice caster dagger or something really quick, but in general...
Think of your spells as your special warrior type attacks whle meleeing. With the DoT portion of Moonfire reliably ticking away, I can grind down a target with staff hits with whait is in effect +124 dmg to every swing (sort of like maul spamming) and that doesn't count the upfront damage spikes.

I can also use FF like a feral druid spec might, and use NG to cc my opponent while I back off and heal (sort of like a bash-heal, but only outdoors). And all of these things are uninterruptible since they are insta-cast.

On a nature's grace proc I can whip out a wrath in 1 second, and I can use hibernate to help control beasts and dragonkin w/o shifting out of my dps form. Meleeing is the only way to get OoC procs, and manafree casting is uber for Moonkin, and the spell cast during the clear casting state doesn't stop mana regen or trigger the 5 second rule either.

Of course the obvious one is that having an 8000AC caster which I am, is moot if your not getting hit.