View Full Forums : Can you Hibernate Halcyaon and Gizrul the Slavener? (Soloable?)

05-25-2006, 02:11 AM
I'm working on my feralheart set. I just got my boots from Mother Smolderweb by soloing her (It took me about 8 successful battles and about 14 battles total to get them). Battles take me about 15 minutes once I get there and involve a succession of hibernate and starfire with various emergency responses when she resists a hibernate. (I saw a video on FileFront of a druid doing it and tried it out.) Depending on your equipment and spec your milage will vary. I'm full feral, but a balance druid would cakewalk it. Lots of spirit gear and food are helpful to speed things up because you need to regen your mana. With 1.11, innervate will help immensely.

I'm wondering if hibernate works on the two wolf bosses and if soloing them in a similar fashion might be possible to get the shoulders?

Any ideas, experiences, or wisdom on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


05-25-2006, 08:15 AM
No!, they resist. You can stealth into the room w/o any major issues, just have to be patient. Head for the back left corner (up a little ramp of rocks) in that corner you should be okay to come out of stealth. You can pull just the worg pups by themselves sometimes, just gotta try to pull one from the outer edge. They're non-elites, but still tuff in a group. After that, it's whatever you can do to stay alive while doing as much damage as you can to Haly/Giz.


05-25-2006, 08:30 AM
I'd take another druid or a rogue along with you. Just to make it a little bit easier.

05-25-2006, 10:38 AM
I'd take another druid or a rogue along with you. Just to make it a little bit easier.Have you are anyone else successfully soloed em though?

05-25-2006, 11:41 AM
I haven't heard of anyone solo'ing them.

A stealth group yes, but not a solo.

05-26-2006, 07:58 AM
Just get 2 rogue friends to help you out. Stealth into the room and get in the way back and aggro the first big dog. Have the two rogues solo target dps down the little pups and then get on the big one.

You shouldnt have much trouble tanking it in bear form and popping out to heal yourself if need be. If you stay all the way back in the room when you kill the first dog, when the second one comes, he wont aggro. So this gives you time to mana up and heal up then pull the 2nd dog into the room.

05-26-2006, 11:20 AM
These are great suggestions! Which other bosses in LBRS would be good for a small stealth group already doing haly/giz? Thanks!

05-26-2006, 11:28 AM
5 man stealth group can do all the bosses ('except the Head on the Pike guy.....):

1 Feral Druid
1 Resto Druid
3 Rogues (1 w/ Imp. Sap will help tremendously, but is not required)

05-30-2006, 09:19 AM
I have a real life buddy that was bugging me to help him with his Dungeon2 Rogue set. I still had Bracers, Belt, and Gloves in the bank so I said "sure".

We found that LBRS can easily be stealthed run, and is a pretty easy "SELL" in /4 LFG - LBRS Stealth Run. The more rogues with IMP SAP, the easier it is. The sales pitch is: SC Gloves (now BoE)-Voosh, BS GLoves (now BoE)-Voone, and the one that we found to bring the rogues out of the woodwork to help: /4 LFM-LBRS Stealth Gem Run(s).

That ellussive UBRS Key can be achieved on these runs



Ommok is tough because of his two buddies and the fact he hits hard.

1 Druid | 2 Rogues (1 w/ IMP Sap) - Hard but doable

Double SAP, FF on Ommok, if sap breaks try to keep stuns on the adds, but it gets hairy.

2 Druids | 2 Rogues - cake
1 Druid | 3+ rogues - cake


Shadow Hunter Voosh

I'm sure it can be 3-manned, but we were never succesful.

1 Druid | 3 Rogues (at least one with IMP SAP)

Double Sap the closest casters, Moonfire/Starfire and then duck out of LoS to bring the other two close. Take the first two out and then the 2 Sapped.

IMP sap left guard, sap right guard, FF on Voosh. HOWEVER, she polymorphs so you will have to drop into Bear and tank a bit until the polymorph wears off. Just keep HoTs up, not too bad...this is why 1 druid/2 rogues just stunk because we couldn't get the DPS on her before SAPs wore off.

2 Druids | 2 Rogues - Cake
1 Druid | 3+ rogues - Cake



Voone hits like a truck, so the rogues have to know how to ping pong aggro, have a ton of HP, or die.

1 Druid | 3 Rogues - easy if they trade aggro
2 Druid | 2 Rogues - easy - 1 druid tank, 1 druid heals
1 Druid | 4 Rogues - mega easy



It's solable, so any combination on her is just easy once you get your timing down.



We just cleared the hallway, but not necessary. However, I could always pull just the pups into the hallway, whereas when we stealthed into the lair, i never was able to get just the pups.

1 Druid | 2 Rogues - not to bad, I always slept the pup that was inside the lair to the right (often out of LoS).

1 Druid | 3 Rogues - easy
2 Druids | 2 Rogues - easy
5-man - cake


Overlord Wyrmthalak

He's kinda tricky, but even more so are his adds. Never attempted 3-man, but had successful 4-man and 5-man adventures.

The KEY...and this is to stealth behind him to the wall. There is a ledge. Have a rogue either body pull or range pull, but get him under the ledge. Wyrm has a kick that sends people flying into the air (think "The Beast" punt) that does a good amount of DMG. Just like Voone, if the rogues know how to trade aggro and get him under the ledge, he's actually not awfully hard. The 4-man got hairy and I died on the adds, but the rogues lived. 5-man was uneventful.

In all, stealth runs netted the two of us:

Rogue Buddy: SC gloves (three times), Seal of Ascention (UBRS Key), BS gloves, and an array of shards

ME: SC gloves (twice), Unadorned Seal, Ommok's Gem, Overlord Wyrmthalak's Gem, WH Boots, WH Spaulders, and about 20 shards. (Voone was just stingy and never gave up a 2nd gem)

Also notable was that we got quite a few Rogues their gloves and two other druids their boots (I was the only druid that ever got Spaulders). What was disappointing was that on more than one occassion, the rogue would get his gloves and hearth, leaving us in LBRS. So, I would recommend using Master Looter and holding the BoE gloves (SC & BS) until the very end. I always told them before we left SW/IF, any rogue that didn't agree to ML w/ BoEs at the end wasn't worth taking anyway-IMO

Get ready to see a lot of Throwing Axes and Doomshot...hehe.