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05-26-2006, 02:49 PM
Lately, when I've joined WSG 30-39, Alliance has always lost 3-0, no exceptions. :eusa_booh

I don't buy the argument that Horde characters are better than Alliance characters. Perhaps they do a better job of sticking together when they do flag runs, or perhaps the people who choose to play Horde have a different mindset than those who play Alliance. I have no idea.

So I'd like to hear your opinions/feedback/advice on how we can win WSG. I have a Lvl 37 Druid (almost 38), resto/balance at the moment (I do have 5 points in Imp. Wrath and 5 in Imp. Moonfire). I've never tried a Horde character, so I don't even know how they are different.

For the Alliance! :sumo:

05-26-2006, 03:03 PM
Who wins and who loses in WSG really comes down to how well the team works together. Strategy is pretty basic: Defend-Capture-Divide&Conquer. Yet, a lot of people don't get that coordinating is worth it, and they run around looking for HK.

If you are not in a guild or group that regularly does BG, then try to at least find one or two peeps to work with. I love having a Rogue hang with me when I do a flag run. Even in PUG, it is not too hard to find someone to do this.

I don't believe one faction has it easier than another. I do believe that experience and teamwork are the overwhelming factors in determining victory.

05-26-2006, 03:13 PM
Ah, WSG....How I love to hate thee.

WSG is won by the team the best gets their offense to the opposing FR and back while keeping the opposing offense from ever getting to their FR.

Basic tactic is to OWN the middle of the map. You send 2 or 3 to go get the flag ( or at least scout their FR ), the rest of the team meets their offensive push in the middle of the map and stops them from advancing.

If someone gets past the mid field group, you wait till they get the flag, have someone call out the exit and mid field reacts, getting the flag back as quickly as possilbe.

The key to winning any of the BGs is communication and teamwork. Going into their FR 1 by 1 when they have 2 or 3 on defense is only going to leave a load of skeletons in their FR. Having your entire defense in your FR is only asking for a hour+ long game

With good team work you can ( as a flag carrier ) stealth onto their 2nd floor landing, drop down and wait at the flag while you have 2 or 3 teammates come in to distract. At that point you shift, grab flag, shift cat and dash. The moment dash wears off you cast Nature's Grasp, and then travel form and if your mid field is doing their job you have a clear and safe run up your ramp or tunnel.

Rinse, Repeat and increase rep with WSG ;)

If you really enjoy battle grounds, then you'll want to find a guild or a regular BG group that you can join up with and be with consistently. They will learn what abilities you have, you will learn theirs and you will ( hopefully ) end up being able to compliment each other.

A pickup group in a BG stand NO chance against a well organized premade, and if the premade has vent / TS then it is gg and the other group will just sit and wait for their loser mark.

05-30-2006, 09:54 AM
It doesn't matter if your alliance or horde, there is always a team out there that can take you. Depending on the time of day your hitting WSG, you could be repeatedly running into a "team". A team is not a PuG, it's a group that runs regularly and most likely uses TS or Vent (A huge plus in BG's). Since they play often and know each other fairly well, their strategy is pretty straight up. If you run into a team like this when your in a PuG, your chances of victory are low.

There's more than one way to win in WSG. Leaving a force in the middle to intercept is one, but if the other team is good, they adjust and send a ten man on the flag room. Whats important is that your communicating. If your not playing with a team, at least make sure you form a group. Take the initiative on this if nobody else does. I can't tell you how often I get into a PuG and there is zero communication. Maybe it's late and people are tired. Some people don't like the leader role. All BG's have a basic strategy to success. If the people your playing with are on the ball, you'll get your wins. If their slacking and just want to deathmatch for HK, it's frustrating for those who want to use strategy.

So, given all thats been said. The answer is....get a regular group and use TS/Vent. You will see the difference. Practice makes perfect and don't expect victories to come right away.

I personally chose not to go to BG's until I was 60 because I didn't want to become discouraged with my class. BG's can make you feel like you need to be the guy who keeps killing you and thats counter-productive to your goal of reaching lvl 60. Good luck. Honor is honor. Wins will come. Just don't let the defeats beat you down or make you think your doing something wrong. You can be doing everything right, but if your with slackers......

05-30-2006, 10:01 AM
Join the queue as a pre-made group of 10, and get everyone on voice beforehand.

Its just the PuGs that have trouble against the horde for the most part, there are fewer horde teams, so your alliance PuG is more likely to run into an organized horde team than another jumbled group of loners.

Communication and pre-planning are huge. Big9er has described a great strategy, but if you try to implement it in a PuG you are likely to hear 4 people yelling about why are you fighting in midfield instead of trying to win and 4 people yelling at the others to help in midfield while a lone druid or rogue makes pitiful attempts on their well guarded flag.

05-30-2006, 12:04 PM
TS / Vent is nice, but it is far from needed. I communicate with my team just fine and all of about 3 of the 15 ( on AB weekend that is ) are on voice and 2 of those guys are in the same freaking room.

This weekend the premade I was in, I think we lost all of 1 AB game and that was more due to losing a few people to disconnects before the queue popped and having n00bcakes that didn't know what "help to LM please" meant *sigh* I think they took it to mean "please fight on all the roads away from the nodes so they horde can cap them."

Anyways...for WSG when you hit the 40 bracket you will be most valuable. Then get your rank 7, 8 and 10 gear and be nearly as fast as a standard mount in travel form.

05-30-2006, 02:06 PM
Also, the trick to bringing down the flag carrier of an organized group is to take the healers down or spread them out. On my server the pharm teams like to send all 10 to get the flag and count on returning their flag on the way back. They all stay together and there is no way to bring down their flag carrier when they are grouped up. The key is to take out the healers or spread them out so they aren't in range to heal.