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09-30-2006, 07:55 PM
Hey gang, im a total newb. I just started playing WoW and I am a NE druid. I am lvl 20 now, skinning/leatherworking are my trades. I have some crappy staff that I got from a quest at like lvl 12 and then just other armor ive picked up along the way. I want to get some better gear/weapon so what should i go with as lvl 20 or mid 20's... and whats a good weapon to get. Where do I go to get the stuff you recommend or does it need to be quested, if so, where do I get the quest. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Hope you guys dont mind helping me out, sorry for being a total newb :)

10-01-2006, 12:31 PM
Most gear will be comming from the Auction House, Drops and some quests. Anything you got at level 12, you'll prob' be looking to replace.

Gear in WoW is pretty simple. 'Green' gear starts the magic items and will make up most of your gear as you level. You'll want ones that end with "of the Eagle, of the Bear, of the Tiger" generally Int/Str/Sta are the keys as you level up. When in doubt, add up the total stats and go with what's more. We do tend to use all stats... so Agil and Sprit are never really 'wasted'.

When your around 30 and making your way to Booty Bay; look for the specialty weapons vendor. He'll have a green staff... somthing like "Staff of Protection"... it's a "limited quantity item" meaning he only has one in stock and if someone buys it he won't have another for a couple of hours. Great little tanking staff for bear form... rember you can switch weapons in combat; so have'n one for Casting/Damage/Tanking is a good thing.

10-01-2006, 07:18 PM
I never bought a weapon from AH personally (except for Blanchard's Stout, being a world drop) and I was doing fine. Most my gear came from instances and quests. Look @ and click druid to see what kind of gear drops in what instances. Great source.