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10-02-2006, 04:30 PM
Hey everyone,

Ok, I feel real dumb asking this, I've been a lvl 60 Druid now for over a year and half and I have 69 gold to my name and my wife is also a lvl 60 Druid for about a year and has about 110gd!
My wife and I run end game raids 3 to 4 times a week and we can't make any amount of gold to save my life.

Can you all give my wife and I a lot of idea's how to make money so we can get epic mounts, enchants and I hear you have to have 150 riding skill for the flying mounts?

My skills are 300 herbs, 170 enchanting (Trying to get smoking heart of the mountain trinket). I hate trying to sell enchants!
I was a 300 trib. leather worker and skinner and could not make any money from it, so many on my server.

My wife is a 300 enchanter, and 300 pot maker, hehe. She's tried to sell enchants but the mats on our server cost so much.

I just don't know what to do?
I try to farm herbs and there are so many herb people that I rarely get any high lvl herbs and I have a reg. mount and people just fly right by me and grab the herbs, Damn I'm so pissed! I can make money in real life and can't make any in a game!
I try to go out and farm mobs and rarely get any drops and I have never gotten a blue drop or epic like I'm cursed!
And now I need mats for NR gear for raids and can't get any damn mats to drop and can't afford to buy the mats.

Can anyone help this old Druid on how to make money without spending tons of time and not reselling AH items (Tried it and gotten screwed on it bad)?


10-02-2006, 05:33 PM
From what I've read and experienced, you can try a few things, but making money requires an investment of time, particularly since the quests are over and you really aren't collecting while you kill:

1) Get two gathering professions and devote some time to gathering and selling on AH. Made money on my initial toon with herbalism and for some reason, got rid of it to pursue -- tribal LW (?). At any rate, this does take away time from playing alts and other fun things outside of raiding, but everyone has to farm some, if anything to pay the repair bill.

2) Get Auctionneer Mod to know what sells and what the median buyout price is. Scan it for a few weeks to get a good body of prices then buy and resale. I've seen Robes of Void pattern for 42G, Soulkeepers for 15G, you see them, by them and turn a profit. (Caution: Does require patience).

3) Farm instances. I take my druid and hit SM. SM is good for both items and coin and are relatively easy for a lvl 60 to hit. Perhaps you and the Missus can double team higher level instances for better drops. However, this also requires an investment of time.

4) Farm general locales. Some places that are near and dear to my own heart include Winterspring (for leathers, owlbeasts from which one dropped the Skullflame shield epic as well as other high level blues and greens, Mining, high end herbs, etc..
and Un'goro for devilsaur leather (2G-4G per skin) and soloin' Elite Guardians who drop 15-25 sp each plus and either guardian stones (8G/per, needed for Cloaks of Warding) or Essence of Earth. The Legashi Demons in Ashzara are also a nice farm if you can get it by yourself.

I make some money as a tribal LW. I do this by selling Ironfeather Chest and Shoulders, Warbear Woolies and Chest, and Devilsaur Leggings and Gauntlets. I never make more than a set of each at a time. I make certain to use the salt shaker and make refined salt every 3 days and store it. I also buy leathers or refined salt at reduced or bargain prices and store them either for patterns or to sell as trade goods. Another thing of interest is to make I think Wicked Leather Headbands which I can for relatively cheap and send them to my alt Priest is DE's them into Dream Dust and other valuable enchanting regeants I believe which I, in turn, sell. Alot easier than trying to sell the headbands.

Hope these few suggestions help.

10-02-2006, 06:49 PM
Farm a ton of mageweave and have a friendly tailor make you black mageweave headbands, then DE them. They give you shards occasionally, Dust, and Essences, all which you will use to lvl ur enchanting, and can also sell on the AH.

You can also sell stacks of mageweave that you can grind for 2g a pop, though making em into the headbands will net you more cash. And you can farm the mageweave from the furlbogs in southern feralas while grinding timbermaw rep.

Also, runecloth sells really well (ppl trying to get exalted with another city), and you can grind that off the Satyrs in Felwood, which also drop Felcloth. Felcloth sell for like 4g each on my server. I typically get 3-5 of em in a half hour of grinding. The Satyrs also have high drop rates for greens, and drop decent coin.

If your wife is an alchemist, look for rare transmute recipies, like Undeath -> Water. I have this and make like 6g per day turnign essence of undeath into essence of water. Undeath is 1-3g on my server, and water is 8g. Also you can buy the water -> air transmute from the same Scholo vendor that sells the Major Mana Pot recipie, and that'll net you a couple gold per day - waters usually sell for around 8g, air around 12-14g. Depends on server prices though.

Almost every time I farm SM Library or Armory solo one or two Blue BoE's drop for me, which I can sell on the AH for 10-15g (tainted pierce 1h sword I just sold for 20g.) Also, all the green drops can either be disenchanted or sold for 2-3g each on the AH. And you will be farming SM for the enchanting mats to get up to 265 for your SHOTM.

GL on the smoking heart btw. I dropped herbalism a few months back to make it, and I've had it for about a month now. Tough grind from 240 - 265, though its worth it. I'm now at 290 enchanting (and 300 alchemy, which is fuled by my priest who is a 300 herbalist) and putting together the mats for the Runed Arcanite Rod (about 120g in mats if I did the math right). I just got the +55 healing to 2h weapon enchant from MC, so once I hit 300 enchanting, that'll bring in some gold for me too. Sucks standing in IF spamming enchants though.

Hope that helps some.

10-02-2006, 07:50 PM
Gathering professions are great if you devote time. For crafting, there are some that make money but only if you're one of the select few who can make certain items. I find older servers are great for having dual gathering professions because of the amount of crafters. Newer servers are more crafter friendly imo.

10-03-2006, 08:50 AM
I farm herbs for cash. In an hour before work I can either do a full sweep of Swamp of Sorrows for Blindweed and assorted goodies, or pick about 15 ghost mushrooms in Skulk Rock in the Hinterlands. Either way I make about 20g a day that way, then I do my arcanite transmute every other day for about 5g (selling the bar myself not the transmute).

10-03-2006, 09:38 AM
Thank you, I will try it!
My server is one of the oldest.
I need to ask a dumb question, what is SM? Scarlet Mon.?

Please let me know, I'm free on Wednesday so I can farm

Thanks Again

10-03-2006, 09:48 AM
yes...reference to SM is Scarlet Monastery...happy hunting