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10-03-2006, 08:17 AM
The first time I posted asking for suggestions I was like... level 55 or so, so I thought I'd check in again and ask a few new questions, now that I'm 60 and starting my raid career. my profile... tanking gear's set as main, cause that's my main concern right now (you can see my DPS/healing gear is largely lacking as a result >.>). I'm one of my guild's main tanks in ZG, although usually the last main tank, since I am needed to heal sometimes when we're short on healers, and we have a LOT of warriors right now in the guild (I'm also my guild's only feral druid). I usually switch between off tanking adds and DPSing as I see fit during boss fights, it seems to be working out pretty good, although I can't help but wonder if I'll ever get to do more than simply tank adds and do "last resort" sorta tanking... 'cause I love bear tanking, I have a blast in 5 mans since I get to tank no problem there and most of my guildies love to have me tank for 5 mans... but raiding seems to be a whole new world it seems, and I'm hoping for a shot to one day do more than what I'm doing admittedly. Soo.. I'm going to continue to work on gear upgrades, see how that works out for me.

Just tonight I finally got my bone ring helm, took forever for it to drop for me, and I'm wondering what enchant to put on it. I have a libram of protection and a libram of voracity in the bank, along with a druid voodoo doll from ZG, so a couple of options open to me... I'm thinking either the ZG one, mostly for the 10 sta of course, or the protection one (1% dodge), but I really dunno. Chances are I'll have this helm for a while, as the only major upgrades come from AQ20 and a world dragon... both of which I will not see until after the expansion comes out I'm sure, since my guild's still in AQ20/ZG and hoping to start MC within the month. Any suggestions on which enchant to take? :)

I'm open to any other gear/strat suggestions as well... currently I'm trying to get my brutality idol, still working on the ring of protection quest (trying to get my guildies to do the last quest with me, since I know the rewards would be great for some of them as well), and I'm trying to get into some AQ20 groups to get the nice stuff that drops there. Hopefully we can start doing MC soon and maaaaaybe I'll get a chance at the awesome tank ring/amulet that drops there. I need some better pants too... not sure where to get those, and PvP grinding just... doesn't appeal to me i admit, especially to get to AB/WSG exalted :(

10-03-2006, 08:58 AM
I'm no tanking expert, but I would say dodge.

10-03-2006, 09:50 AM
I would say Stam, stam, stam!

I'm also my guilds only feral druid and I heal and off tank in AQ40 and BWL and the other night I was Main tank in ZG
The biggest thing for tanking in bear is to get your armor way up and Stam!
A good tank has over 8000 HP
Also start getting FR gear and NR gear you will need it!
I'm still trying to get the ZG enchants and we have ZG on farm for many months already, sucks

I still need a lot more NR gear but can't afford the mats

Good luck! I love bear also:)


10-03-2006, 09:58 AM
I still wear my Bone Ring helm and have 100hps on it. I am the MT OT and OSB ( Oh $hit bear ) plus a decurser/healer when needed. Like was said above me , Hps AC first of all then all else later.

We just killed the bug family so I anxiously await for my new helm to drop one of these days.

10-03-2006, 10:04 AM
+100hp or 1% dodge (libram of protection) would be ideal. But I'd wait for a better helm since those librams/enchants aren't cheap.

If you're running zg/aq20, you should be able to pick up better helms (there's a nice blue helm from aq20 off of Moam).

10-03-2006, 02:01 PM
I D/E'd my Bone Ring Helm a long time ago. It was nice for the stamina (30 is a ton) but when I was tanking I always had really good healers, and favored the Eye of Rend for the crit%. Crit = more rage = more aggro = healers not getting hit = me not dying. I also have shadowcraft cap which I use for cat form.

Can you link the blue helm that drops of Moam? My guild's got Moam down, but haven't ever seen this helm drop. And I am behind a firewall at work.

Last night in AQ I got the Toughened Silithid Hide Gloves and put a +5str enchant on them. They are blue, but rock. Something like:

183 ac
11 str
15 agi
18 sta

For that matter, can those of you that are bored out there link good feral loot from AQ? I'd love to have something to think about at work, as we're doign AQ again tonight :)

Edit: Oh yeah, about the enchant. When Tanking I always tried to get lots of Dodge and Crit. Crit for the aforementioned reasons, and Dodge to ... well, dodge. Not getting hit is good.