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10-18-2006, 12:46 AM
Greetings, I'd like to get some opinions on feral gear if possible. I have a L60, 41/10 feral build, emphasis on Dire Bear. I tank for guild grps and such, and will probly continue this when the xpack comes out. My question, what am I missing gear-wise to maximize Dire Bear? Minus raiding and pvp, due to the wipe of ranks in BC. Any thoughts are welcome. Here's my profile....

10-18-2006, 02:25 AM
No feral charge?

10-18-2006, 08:32 AM
I noticed you was using that 120 armor green turtle ring from Tanaris. Ring of Protection is 150 armor and 9 stam and from the Darrowshire quest. Might be a decent upgrade.

10-18-2006, 03:22 PM
The biggest bang for your buck comes from either the unyielding maul or the warden staff. The maul has 250 armor which gives you 1150 armor and the staff has 260 armor which gives you close to 1200 armor. The maul comes from DM Tribute. The staff is a world drop.... the prices are coming down on the AH though.

There are two trinkets in the game with 150+ armor. The mark of tryinary(180 armor) from the UBRS trinket quest, and the other being the smoking heart of the mountain(150 armor). The smoking heart is a BoP enchanting formula. Making this is a feral druid's right of passage. You basically need to drop one of your professions for enchanting to get to 265 to make it. I just finished my right of passage last night... 10300 unbuffed armor. If you have already done your UBRS quest and taken a different trinket, another option is the stone from the end boss in Uldaman (Alchemes stone?). It has 50 armor.

Rings are another good way. As mentioned above the Ring of Protection from the darrowshire quest... another good ring is the Nagelring from the Golem Lord in BRD. It has 50 armor.

Other good feral equipment:
Bonering Helm from Rattlegore. It has 30 stamina
The Golden Mantle of the dawn is crafted and has 22 stamina

A lot of good +stam high armor gear comes from PvP rewards. If you can stomache PvP to gain rank 8, you get 4 peices of your blue PvP set. It comes with a nice chunk of armor, and a 15% speed bonus when outside in form. You can have fun with people on normal mounts in travel form... you put yourself on follow and keep up =]

If you can't stomach 8 ranks of PvP, go for 3. The sergeants cloak offers 17 stamina and 115 armor. The other option for cloak is the cloak of warding. No stamina but 214 armor.

Oh, any the strange latest additon to my dire bear tanking gear was my ZG belt. It has 160 armor... a good 40-50 armor more than other feral belts. The belt of preserved heads (from the channelers head quest) is my kitty belt.

Probably a good goal to shoot for is an unbuffed 10,000 armor with 6500HP.

Edit: oops sorry, missed the part about no-pvp. Ignore the rank 8 part, but go for rank 3. It can be easily acheieved in 1-2 weeks of PvPing and once you have you cloak, you can stop.

10-18-2006, 06:23 PM
Bhroam hit almost every piece you would want. The Cloak of Warding is really nice, and the mats to have it crafted are pretty cheap. And they are fun to grind for cause you have to kill the lvl 60 - 61 elite stone guys that wander around un'goro.

I'm not sure if this still is in the game, but the Cloudrunner Girlde from LBRS has something like 185ac.

Whatever else you do, get the Warden Staff.

I just made my Smoking Heart of the Mountain (dropped herbs to make it, and then eventually took enchanting to 300 after I won the +55 healing to weapon recipie in MC), and also have the Mark of Tyrany. If you got a different trinket (eye of the beast or blackhand's breath you can petition a GM to swap them for you.)

If you can get into any 20 man pickup raids, there are some really good Feral pieces in AQ20. I just got the Toughened Silithid Hide gloves, and there is a REALLY nice epic feral chest piece in AQ20. Really good healing / caster pieces in ZG. The belt of preserved heads is from a ZG quest reward, and is pretty nice. Also from ZG you can get the Blooddrenched Footpads, which are really nice.

When tanking for groups I either use my shadowcraft helm or Eye of Rend, depending on how good the healers are.

As far as DPS weapons go, I have two:
Bonecrusher (Dire Maul Quest ) - 30str 1%crit
Doomulus Prime (Quest to kill 1st boss in ZG and AQ20) - 22str 22sta 1%to hit.

10-19-2006, 12:33 AM
Thanx much for the informative answers, really helped, I'll keep it all in mind and shoot for the pieces!

10-19-2006, 08:42 AM
For Cloaks I'd also suggest:
Phantasmal Cloak
Binds when picked up
114 Armor
+12 Strength
+11 Stamina
Requires Level 57
Sells for 1 Gold 64 Silver 60 Copper to vendors
Item Level 62

It's not that hard to get, you just have to be sure to talk to the people you venture with as some warrs may like it as well.

10-19-2006, 09:13 AM
If you looking for high armor, look for the player made volcanic pieces. They only have FR, but they also have some really high armor for very cheap prices.

10-20-2006, 05:22 AM
just as on overview these are easy to get feral bear gear
except maybe the bracers of subterfuge

Atal'ai Spaulders (ST - Six Trolls) 193 AC , +12-13 to two or +19-20 to one stat
Ghostshroud (BRD - Seven Dwarves) 132 AC, +12 Str +19 Agi +18 Sta, +5 SR


Dragonhide Hauberk (PVP R8) 218 AC , +1% Crit, +13 Str +12 Agi +13 Sta +12 Sta, +15 SP
Volcanic Breastplate (crafted) 268 AC , +20 FR

Bracers of Subterfuge (AD grind) 81 AC, +10 Str +15 Agi +12 Sta

Slaghide Gauntlets (LBRS - Urok Doomhowl)207 AC +14-15 to two stats
Cloudrunner Girdle (LBRS - Quartermaster Zigris) 185 AC, +14 Str +15 Agi
Leather Girdle (AB Honored) 159 AC , +1% Crit, +34 Atk, +7 Sta

Abyssal Leather Leggings of Striking (Silithus or AH) 152 AC, +1% Crit, +15 Str +15 Agi +15 Sta
Volcanic Leggings (crafted)204 AC, +20 FR

Shadefiend Boots (BRD - Anub'shiah) 109 AC, +10 Str +11 Agi +13 Sta

Cloak of Warding (crafted 214 AC +5 Def
Sergeant's Cloak/Cape (PVP R3) 115 AC , +17 Sta
Phantasmal Cloak (Scholo - Jandice) 114 AC , +12 Str +11 Sta

Rings and trinkets

Thrall's Resolve (BRD quest, Horde only) 150 AC, +4 Str +7 Sta
Ring of Protection (EPL quest), 150 AC, +9 Sta
Smoking Heart of the Mountain (crafted) 150 AC, +7 FR/FrR/NR/SR:
Mark of Tyranny (UBRS quest) 180 AC, +1% Dodge, +10 AR

and off course wardens staff or the maul from DM north trubute run

10-20-2006, 11:08 AM
I completed 8/8 Feralheart not to long back. Prior to 8/8 Feral Heart, I maximized my feral gear through itemization. I can not make any additional suggestions than the ones listed above; however,

Ring of Protection & Cloak of the Warding are two pretty "big deals" with Warden Staff being nearly a 'must'.

That being said, if you want a challenge pre-TBC...seriously consider the full Dungeon 2, FeralHeart, set. I've tanked every boss in the game with 8/8 feral heart pre-MC.

I weare the 8/8 Feral Heart
Grand Marshal Morris Neck
Cloak of Warding w/ +70 AC enchant
Ring of Protection
Band of Tortoise
Mark of Tyranny
Smoking Heart
Warden Staff w/ +25 Agil
Idol of Brutality

Helm = +8 agil Libram
Chest = +4 all stats
Bracers = +9 STR
Gloves = +15 agil
Legs = +8 STR (I would do AGI now...meh)
Boots = +7 AGI