View Full Forums : NE Druid Level 37.. Talent points? Where will I get the best benefits?

11-16-2006, 12:32 PM
Hi there, I have a NE druid on Skullcrusher. I'm going to work on balancing my druid. I'm going to level and I just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on where I should spend my talent points and why? I've kind of been clicking them anywhere.. and I'm kind of new. Also, my friend uses mainly cloth armour for higher int- and spirit-, is that something I should be looking into as well or should I keep buying the leather higher armour?

11-16-2006, 01:38 PM
Level 37 - humm. Well, it depends on what you enjoy doing.

If you're a spell caster and enjoy doing damage in that respect, then you want to focus on the Balance tree. If you like to use forms and go cat & bear, then focus on the Feral tree, and lastly if you enjoy healing there's the resto tree.

You've only got 28 points to play with, so looking for a balanced build isn't a very good idea at this point.

Since I've never played balance I'll leave that area to someone else, as for feral and resto here goes:
5 pts in Furor ( Resto Tree )
5 pts in Ferocity
3 in Feral instinct
2 in Imp Bash
2 in feline swiftness
1 in feral charge
3 sharpened claws
2 in blood frenzy
2 in primal fury
3 in predatory strikes

1 Natures Grasp ( Balance )
5 Imp Mark of the Wild
5 Imp Healing Touch
3 Natures Focus
3 Reflection
2 Subtelty
5 Tranquil Spirit
1 Nature's Swiftness
3 Imp Rejuv

Unless you go balance, I really suggest to stay with leather, you'll find plenty with the right stats if you look hard enough ;)

11-16-2006, 01:51 PM
Just my two cents:

It's much, much easier to level up as a Feral druid. I did it as restoration until like 45 or so, but unless you like doing things the hard way, just to do it the hard way... go feral.

As such, at 37 I'd be looking at something like this:

Remember, though, that the whole talent tree's going out the door with the 2.0 patch. Looking at the new tree, I'd recommend pretty much the same thing, except maybe replacing Feral Aggression with 3/3 Thick Hide and 2/3
Feral Instincts, since they've both been reduced in cost, and you can get both.

The prototypical leveling build with the current trees has been 14/32/5. I'll project in the new system, it'll be something like 1/49/11, or 1/46/14