View Full Forums : Spec 1:13:47....but still confused on how to spend talents.... :-(

12-07-2006, 04:51 PM
I know that everyone is loving the feral spec, but personally, I love the healing..... but I'm not sure how to spend my talents.

I'm thinking 1:13:47


Nature grasp x1


Ferocity x5
Brutal imact x2
Feral Instinct x3
Feral Charge x1
Thick hide x2

Restoration and this is where I start getting confused....

Improved mark of the wild x5
Furor x5
Nature focus x5
Naturalist x5
Intensity x3
Nature swiftness x1
Omen of clarity x1 (although I have put another thread asking about whether it is a high or low chance of occuring when activated)
Tranquil spirit x5
Gift of nature x5
swiftmend x1
Empowered rejuvenation x5
Tree of life x1

OR should I exchange improved rejuv and improved regrowth for subtlety x5? (from previous posts I've not used this before as it doesn't seem worth have points.... but now it also reduces the chance of a spell being dispelled by 30%)

OR Loose the Imp regrowth and put 2 points in subtlety?

Is anyone else considering going heavy into the resto tree? Can I ask how you've decided to spend your talents and reasoning behind your choices?

Sorry for the long (and probably confusing) post.... but any opinions would be gratfully considered



12-07-2006, 05:06 PM
I dont know why you didn't take imp rejuv and imp regrowth if you are speccing into tree form. I respecc'd 0/7/44, and am slowly getting used to the new style of healing. HoT's are king. I did bg's a lot last night, and my sruvivability was insane, and in a premade with a mage hunter and rogue, we dominated. I got maybe 1 hk with MF spam, but did well over 100k healing in each AB.

OOC is a nice talent for 1 point. Definitley keep that.

I decided to leave out the 5 point talent that reduces the mana cost of HT and Tranq, as I don't use them that much anymore really.

Subtelty isn't really necessary if you and your raid know what they are doing. Especially if you play alliance. We'll have to see in BC if bosses/mobs have a dispel feature that they cast on tanks, similar to Garr's anti-magic pulse. If so, then the 30% chance not to be dispeled will be big.