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12-17-2006, 05:03 PM
Hey i'm jet., I really like to play WOW can somebody teached me how and what character should i used ?? thnks for youre time...

hi., i'm a new here.., i just wanna asked how can i get it? can i download it., T.y

helow., im newbie., i really like to play WOW but i always stopped in level 7!! can somebody help me how to get out thier?? thanks.,

helow i'm newbie here., i really like this WOW game., is thier any cheat in this game??/ thnks??

12-19-2006, 07:50 PM
Cheats? Yes, it's called "EverQuest".

What character to play? What is your playstyle and time to play?

Solo - Every class solos, but some classes like 'locks, hunters, druids are more efficient.

Group mostly - support class like priest, palladin, shaman or warrior do more efficient in groups or even duo.

Do lots of quests, pick-up gathering tradeskills like herbalism and mining to sell for money, then buy in Auction House.

The most important thing is to ENJOY playing the game, NOT race through to 60 and be civil. If you treat others with respect, you will usually get treated like that in return.

And druids do rock. I love the calss, but am having a great time with my hunter, 'lock. My shaman, priest, pally, warrior are not as entertaining to ME at this point. I've not played a rogue as of yet.

What server to play? Do you want a strict PVP, a PVE with some PVP in battle grounds, or a roleplaying one. I would suggest a newer, less populated one, so you would seldom have log-in ques. is an excellent info source as well as this site. I stay away from alla's due to their association with gold sellers and some intrusive programs on their site.

Then the least important question is Horde or Alliance? Do you want to be the underdog (Horde) or with the pack (Alliance).
The servers I play on allie outnumbers horde at least 4:1, usually more like 7:1 and Alliance starting quests and rewards "seem" easier and better to me.

Have fun, happy hunting and may you get your just rewards.

Bristlecone, 60 moomoo druid
Viorel, 49 fair haired wonderboy (elf) hunter
Vecuronium, 33 'lock