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12-27-2006, 07:15 AM
I've been hoping and hoping to win a roll on the dang ony head, but nooo, I get a heart of hakkar in a random ZG run we did over the holidays instead... doh, lol. Aaand I'm not sure which trinket to get, between the tanking one and the DPS one.

Bit of background... I'm full feral, 1/41/9. 1016 unbuffed AP in kitty with DPS gear, 13270 unbuffed armor and 628 AP in bear in tank gear. My gear is admittedly slanted toward tanking, I used to be one of my guild's top 2 main tanks and was always tanking, which is what I love to do, then uh, well, one of our prot warriors came back from a break, another warrior respecc'ed prot and started getting really lucky with obtaining prot gear, and we started running MC with another guild that just happened to have like 4 prot warriors that they insisted were uber tanks... and we all know prot warriors don't have a heal button or put out as much DPS as a feral... so... I haven't really main tanked anything aside from Jindo and the spider boss in ZG since patch. :(

That makes me a sad bear, but alas. I've been able to DPS on trash in MC, and DPS in any other instance unless needed to heal or offtank at least, and well, my DPS is pretty nice since the patch I gotta admit, much better than before at least. I can easily get in the top 6 or so in a 40man until I start healing, easily doing more dmg than most of the mages, locks, all the hunters, and a few of the rogues. I miss tanking, but I'm realizing that unless things change somehow, I won't be doing much of it except for 5mans in BC. So I'm trying to get some better DPS gear in the meantime.

Is the DPS trinket great? Is it even worth using on trash mobs and in pvp given its cooldown? I haven't really heard anything about the tank trinket... how is it for bears?

I'm leaning towards the DPS one atm, but deep down I'm hoping I will be able to main tank again, so I guess I want to make sure I wouldn't lose out if I choose the DPS one.

Suggestions? Thanks. :)

12-27-2006, 07:31 AM
hmm.. of the 3 the healer/caster trinket is best, imo, I chose that when I was hybrid/feral.

But if you're really going for tank/dps trinket I wouldnt choose the tank trinket as you would rather choose a armor(one or both of the two, smoking heart of the mountain/UBRS quest trinket) trinkets, depending on if youre enchanter or not.

I think the dps trinket breaks stealth aswell, so its not the ultimate option.

imo the CC exalted trinket rox more tho, both dmg and aggro management in bearform.

But seeing that you're being put aside by other tanks, go with the dps one, you've have better chance being hybrid in cat/heal then bear/heal in MC. Its not hard to compete with warrior tanks, the hard part is to compete against (most) peoples stereotype thinking.

12-27-2006, 04:07 PM
Personally? I tank for my guild, although less now then I used to since we got 2 prot warriors just a couple weeks ago -_-.

I would reccomend either the healing one or the dps one, definately not the tanking one.

Here is my reason why: If you're tanking, there are better trinkets for tanking IMHO, like the mark of tyranny and Smoking Heart of the Mountain, which are always active. Whilst there aren't quite so many trinkets for dpsing and healing.

12-27-2006, 07:01 PM
Yeah, I've got both the SMotM and mark of tyranny, so guess I'm set there lol. The only DPS trinket I have is the maelstorm card, which I do like, and my healer trinkets... uhm, just that burst of knowledge thing from BRD, hah. >.>

And yeah.. it's all about attitudes, unfortunately. If it was my guild running our MC runs I think I'd be doing more, but since it's an alliance between guilds thingy... the other guild is just clueless about druids, pretty sad. Most of the time they throw me in a group with mages, cause they know I'm not a "good" healer in their eyes, but they have no clue what to do with me. >_> Me and a very awesome fury warrior in my guild are constantly after the raid leaders because they keep sticking him as an emergency tank, when he doesn't wanna tank, he wants me to tank for him so he can wtfdps all the time, but god, no matter how many times we tell them, they just keep sticking him up there... frustrating. :( Also frustrating as heck to have to heal some of the stupid prot warriors who like, are there only for might pieces or whatever, and only pay half attention to the raid AND somehow have under 5k health buffed... sad, sad bear. ;_;

Anyways... enough venting. <.<

12-29-2006, 12:52 AM
I know how you feel. There's this one Fury warrior in my guild who used to be prot, and now whenever we raid the other raid leaders (Although I am the durid class officer/raid leader in my guild) ALWAYS stick him as an emergency tank, when he openly admits that now with his new spec I can tank way better then him.

No matter how many times I say "I'd make a better emergency tank since we have enough healers" they only listen if one of the warriors says it.

/sigh, well, I guess I'm used to it.