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01-10-2007, 06:52 PM
So, for some strange reason about a week ago I had a huge urge to try out balance, cause I never have, and it just, I dunno, seems pretty fun in pvp, plus hell, you can heal and DPS well with some of the same gear in raids, that's simply awesome. I didn't want to respec my feral druid though, so I made a 2nd druid. >.> He's only level 23 now, but I'm already questioning where to put my talent points, so I thought I'd swing the planned build by.

So far I just have stuff in balance, grabbing control of nature now, then onto vengaence and so forth. I'm not sure if I like having both celestial focus and force of nature with 2/3 in them, but with the way the tree is now it's hard to do otherwise, unless I put 3/3 in force of nature and just have an extra point o.o But celestial focus cuts down on the interuption of casting wrath now, and that seems pretty useful too... for pvp/leveling of course. So is 2/3 in both alright you think?

I'm also not sure on how great the last talents I picked are, but they sound nice on paper, lol. Dreamstate looks pretty handy, balance of power is well, +hit, which is always good isn't it? Lunar guidance seems very very awesome, especially since so far, all I'm doing is packing on int gear >.> <.< I didn't get imp faerie fire yet, because honestly I don't see the point in it unless you're raiding, and duuuh I'm not raiding yet.

Thoughts and stuff? :) So far I'm really having fun with it, it's amusing me like crazy to just root something and dot it up, then watch it die. xD

Oh, cloth for leveling, yes/no? I'm considering making a few cloth pieces for this guy with my tailor, the int heavy stuff and the black mageweave/dreamweave sets. I looked at the leatherworking stuff I can make and it just... yeah, not much there. :/

01-15-2007, 07:40 PM
bump? not many balance dr00ds around these parts eh?

01-15-2007, 08:52 PM
Talent-wise Dreamstate is awesome. In my healing gear (a mix of T1, T2 and blue pieces) I'm regening at 248 per 5, that's 100+ per tic. In my casting it's lower, but still quite respectable and I rarely run oom when casting (healing is dependent on which group I'm watching. mmm, miss those cheaper heals and downranking).

Lunar Guidance is also another awesome talent. It bumps my total +dmg from 190 to 255, and +healing up to 444. not only that, but when I have to switch out good +healing gear for resist gear it keeps my +healing reasonably high (gg AB).

I'm wondering about Balance of Power, I've got it, but it doesn't show up in my char sheet breakdown. So... yeah, it might just not be showing up or, worse, it might not be working. The odd thing is that the sheet is figuring in the bonus from LG. Assuming it does work, I really like it. More survivability and dmg output in one fell swoop

The counter-pushback on Wrath does help, especially against those pesky rogues and warriors. Another thing that helps is Nature's Grasp, which I maxed to make it dependable. And in my experience, when CCing (pvp-wise) you are either not in melee range, only being attacked by one target (nature's grasp ftw), or dead (groups single targeting ftw). and in pve, it's not hard to thread in the occasional roots to keep 'em in place.

iFF also doesn't show up on the tooltip or the actual marker on the mob, so ... but as to utility it's nice if you're a meleekin or group with melee. raidwise, only one druid need have it, seeing as FF doesn't stack. the same goes with brambles, where only a druid with three pieces of Cenarion really need get it and keep it up on the melee people (I don't find the dmg from roots to be all that phenomenal, more it's utility as a CC).

for gear, personally I'm sticking with as much leather as is viable. I did get Dryad Wrist Bindings from Silverwings, but simply because the AC off bracers is usually low and the +dmg on these make it worthwhile. more AC, less dmg inbound. Besides, BC is going to seriously change itemization for the old off-specs.

oh, and by the way, trees rock in pvp (mmm, it was so much fun watching a shaman be burned down by the three trees, while i fought off a warlock). just know that most people have figured out that trees meleeing = find and kill the moonkin first.