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01-21-2007, 07:49 AM
any advice on feral talent builds? Or to better word that which points can i avoid and still have a nice feral druid. If you are a feral druid can you please post your talent build here. Here is a copy of my current build: 3111152001000000000000000

pretty much i have left balance empty and dropped about 8 points into restro -
I've read about people having survivability problems but I think it's related to
their equipment because everything can be compensated for with the right leather and enchants. But i do believe their are some talents that i can do without -- looking for feedback. Is their a way to get half way down restro and still make it to the end of the feral talents?

after the 2.0.3 patch I tried restro all the way to the tree. I was so terribly disappointed with it. I understand the role of a healer but my solo career was over with that. Allow me to vent: My armor had dropped to hardly nothing. To sum up my experience as restro in a way it was like superman stepping into the glass chamber and loosing his powers. I could easily back up heal but it felt like i was at the back of the class not really experiencing the game. Even though i had ran BRD several times and completed most of the quests nobody listens to the healer. I couldn't very well lead the way in that condition. People complained about my rez abilities. I know the druid is 2nd best at everything but i didn't experience that sorta of prejudice as a feral druid. I can still heal as a feral druid but i can not tank with all my talents put towards restro. If you can do that then please post your talent build and explaination of why it works that way. I don't care if people don't want to play with a feral druid because it's worth it to me to wait for a group that does. But if i can improve my build and still maintain a feral druid then I'd be over joyed. The tree totally reduced my experience of playing a druid to spamming the only 2 action buttons that were available in the tree form. With the right gear i can heal just fine in feral form. I play a druid - i like to sneak around in cat form and scope out the place and report back hense my name - scout - / I then enjoy being a 2nd tank and main tank when needed although it's nice to be able to jump out of bear form and heal at the 11th hour, or to use Innervate on the healer when their on their last leg. So ya know what: i spent the gold to re-learn most of my feral talent points. I was just curious which points i could ignore in the feral tree? And I wanted to vent about the prejudice that the druids recieve. I also can't stand other classes demanding a druid to behave in a certain manner. I've seen that in this forum and those should be posted in the rant section. for the record: If i didn't battle rez you it's because i was taking aggro noobs. Innervate require time to cast and mana. The druid might not be able to cast if their in battle. I have to say this: it's not our job to heal you. Bring potions!

(and their is that off chance you simply didn't deserve healing)

After reading through a few threads; I've notice alot of none druids in this forum.
What's up with that? I found that very funny considering the title of the forum is "the druid's grove"

Although I myself would rather not play with children. Their should be an adult only realm. It's so very frustrating to play with such immature toons. My Guild is adult only but their is no verification system so some of my immature guild members are probably children. so that's my personal prejudice in the game. So to all you haters out their: "GROW UP"

Anybody in a druid only guild? I wonder how that group would fair in the game. I mean sense the druid can play every position it would remove prejudice from raids.

01-22-2007, 11:09 AM
My spec at 60 was 41/10.

angle is a must have to tank and DPS nowaways, Furor is great and Naturalist will help your Healing and DPS.

01-23-2007, 06:04 AM
Not going to say mangle isn't nice but I've been tanking with a hybrid build in BC and haven't had any problems.

01-23-2007, 07:29 AM
Hi Phoenix,

!st of all let me answer a couple of questions that you posed...
1- I doubt there are many(if any) druid only guilds but i have also thought along those lines before and while we can tank and DPS (and heal..pffft) we cant outdo a prot spec warrior or combat rogue.. we are the jack of all trades and master of some ^ ^(not none as peeps think !)
2- One could only wish for an adult only realm, i myself am in an adult guild with some very mature members although there are some youngsters in there, we dont get the stupid guild chat and such..but you must also remember that there are some very mature youngsters (i have met quite a few now that are on my friends list)out there and some very immature adults also.

Now to builds...
I currently am at work and dont have access to my build although it looks quite different from yours by looking at it, for example
I took 5 points in Furor and naturalist as the other feral druid in my guild has Imp MotW and does GotW when we run together, but i think MotW without the imp talent is ok
I put my 5 points in FA instead of fercoity
2 points in feral swiftness instead of shredding attacks as dodge is more important(imo)
5 in pred instincts
5 in HotW none in nurturing as naturalist makes up for that plus gives more damage in all forms
Sorry i have written it all but will try and post my spec when i get home later.
I must also add that im an alchemist and also buff up my stats with full range of pots, including some gorgeous new ones that compliment a feral druid so well, also the new idol i got is imp mangle which has replaced my ferocity and brutality idols as the mangle usually hits for a 1000+ in both forms.
Anyway, hope the different build points help in some way.

01-23-2007, 09:02 AM
My 60 spec (I mostly tanked, so no shredding attacks): 0124105400000000000000000

y spec right now (65, more suited for grinding): 0123105500001000000000000

still debating about 70... intensity's looking pretty neat, but I dunno, I kinda like the looks of primal tenacity for pvp.

01-23-2007, 04:10 PM
Full feral builds are pretty simple.

Stick one point in Nature's Grasp, then ignore Balance.
In resto, take Furor, Naturalist, and Omen of Clarity.
In feral, pretty much take everything except Feral Aggression, and Nurturing Instinct.

That leaves you over by 3 points, so all skip on one of the following: Survival of the Fittest, Primal Tenacity, or Intensity (in the resto tree).

Boom, welcome to your 1/46/14 or 1/49/11 build.

01-29-2007, 10:36 AM
if you are planning on soloing alot or dont pvp, then after your 11 in restro(furor, naturalist, omen). Pick up Nature's Focus...nothing like getting a Healing Touch off while 2 or 3 mobs are beating on you. And go with the 0/45/16 build.

01-29-2007, 10:49 AM
Prior to doing many 5 mans in the expansion I really thought Primal Tenacity would be a pvp talent. Now though, I really see why it is where it is in the feral tree. So many mobs have a stun or fear effect it's pretty crazy. Coilfang, Auchindun ( spelling? ), Caverns of Time all have some fearing mobs.

01-29-2007, 01:02 PM
Pick up Nature's Focus...nothing like getting a Healing Touch off while 2 or 3 mobs are beating on you.

That that NF is a bad talent, but we have Barkskin and maybe Warstomp for that, plus Maim or Bash for singles. I think NF is a great talent for Balance druids, and balance/resos, and it's solid for restos, but it's kind of a waste for ferals.

01-31-2007, 03:55 AM
What do you guys think of a cross-build between tanking/healing for us druids who want to get into even more groups? Can it be done at level 70, carrying two sets of gear around? Is this feasible at all?

01-31-2007, 05:09 AM
You need to carry at least 2 sets of gear around no matter what. I'm very much enjoying my hybrid build, I'm able to main tank/off tank, go dps or heal depending on what the group and the encounter requires. I'll switch back to full resto once my guild starts raiding but for level 70 questing and instancing I'm feeling very versatile. The full feral druids give higher damage output from mangle which helps with tanking but as long as the group is willing to give me a little more agro time we have few problems.

Hybrid Build ( 0000055523301001500001000)

01-31-2007, 05:50 PM
Here's the build I'm looking at. It's kind of light on the healing, but I figure there should be enough room there for decent main-healer duty... if I stay on my toes :)

Feral/Healing build ( 0125105502301220000000000)

Anybody see any use in Nurturing Instincts? Increases healing by up to 25/50% of your strength.