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01-21-2007, 10:12 AM
looking to create an excel spreadsheet or if someone is good with xls has done this already I'd like to download it. For those that are not familar with xls then just skip this thread but if your familar with it then I'd love your input:

something similar to this: (but for druids)

Basically all of the stats interact with the talents and spells -

1 agi = 2 armor in all forms.

Well it would be nice to have it setup so that it included talent and spells for only druids --

Here is a collection of what I found online but I'm really looking for some feedback
as to our current patch. I believe these are out of date:

Something nice to have included in it:

ideally: it would be nice to make a ui mod that uploaded to the xls sheet after gaming to automatically change your profile. any thoughts?