View Full Forums : Balance VS Feral? Whats better and how do i use it?

01-23-2007, 09:12 AM
I'm Lev 40 and i have speked in Feral and it is really good, but i was thinking about moonkin. Is it worth it? Is it better?

Also if i chosse to spek in balance, What amour should i wear? should i wear cloth with lots of Int? or get leather with less Int and more Str and Agi? this has been bother me for very long now so please tell me every thing you know so i can get a better idea about what i should spek in.


01-23-2007, 09:24 AM
Personally im jus tlvl 38 on my druid yet, but my GF has a 62 druid and myself i have a 60 rogue and a 60 lock.
For leveling up effectively id say feral will most likely be the best laternative. Its good dps, its good survivability and its not manadependant.
Balance might be good, and even very fun as leveling, but u are manadependant and thus u will find urself stopping up for a manabreak or switching to feral for a while until mana has regened.

Its mostly a matter of what u prefer, but for leveling ultrafast i dont think any specs can beat feral.

01-23-2007, 08:16 PM
Thanks for that, i think ill stick to feral to lev and then mybe at 60 i will switch to Balance, also do you know if in moon kin if your ment to wear cloth for the good int bonus's?

01-23-2007, 10:25 PM
The problem with moonkin leveling (from low level to higher end) is that itemization seems to be quite poor. If you did, you would end up using a lot of cloth which would make you kinda squishy. The itemization does imporve a bit @ level 60ish so from level 60-70 leveling moonkin might be viable (even without running raid instances)

01-31-2007, 12:42 PM
which enchantments are good for which form? from what i understand, agility and stamina are good for kitties, stamina and strength are good for bears, and intelligence and spirit are good for healing, or am i way off?

i know the benefits of stamina, intelligence, and agility...

what are the benefits of spirit?

01-31-2007, 04:45 PM
spirit is for mana regen. very useful for balance and resto spec. u can be a leather wearing, high ac moonkin with decent spelldmg/crit, or a cloth wearing, low ac moonkin with high spelldmg/crit. cloth is better for pve, and leather is better for pvp, imho.

balance druids has a very different play style than feral druids. i'm currently balance spec'd, and as much as i luv dps'ing with spells, and off-healing at the same time, i miss some of the benefits of being a feral druid.

what i miss about feral...

1. when party needs an off-tank, i can't really do it that well as a balance druid.

2. i don't have to carry a ton of drinks around, because i can't "run out" of mana for dps.

3. when farming/soloing as moonkin, i don't have track humanoids on, so i have to pan around a lot for alliance.

4. i can't do the Swipe chain, and take out 3-4 mobs of my own level... solo.

5. all those lvl70 feral weapons are geared towards feral druids, with very little to no spelldmg on them. stuck with end of dreams for now.

01-31-2007, 06:31 PM
Every question is subject to play style. Your question is a perfect example. What is your goal? Level as quickly as possible with no preference as to how you get to end game? If so, Feral spec would be the most efficient for you. Less down time due to less use of mana. Of course, gear is very important no matter what spec you are. However, there are those of us (myself included) that want more out of the game than getting to level 60 (now 70) as fast as possible. I was feral until I reached 40 and then went Moonkin and never looked back. As a balance druid, I can still main heal (with my healing gear) and drop huge nukes (up to 2700+ starfire crits). That is my preferred style and I'm quite happy with that. There are other druids I play with that are the exaxt opposite and prefer the feral tree. It's all about style. Which style do you prefer...

01-31-2007, 06:34 PM
In addition to my previous comment. In the outlands, you can easily find and use all leather and have 400+ spell damage. Gearing for balance in 'the old world' was much more difficult, if you wanted leather. For me, BC has doubled the balance spec potential.