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01-25-2007, 08:26 AM
Hi all,
I've been working on a forumla for calculating the damage from Wrath and Starfire after talents. I've probably got a few things wrong so I'll explain the process I took. I've assumed a few things like how the talents stack and when certain percentages are taken.

Firstly, since I'm not actually Balance specced I wasn't sure if talents like Lunar Guidance are show in the character screen. I base my calculations off a char with no talents. That said, we should be able to work out end spell damage given the original spell damage(eg. Wrath 285-320), the amount of +spell damage from items(no talents of course) and the amount of int with items. Here's what I've come up with....

+100 Spell Damage
300 Intellect

Rank 9 Wrath (285-320)

With Lunar Guidance...
300 int * 25% = +75 spell damage

New +Spell Damage = 100+75 = 175

With Wrath Of Cenarius....
175 * 10% = +18 spell damage

New +Spell Damage = 100+75 = 193

Now we take any part of Wrath's damage... lets say the average (320+285) / 2 = 303

Take the +193 spell power and get the new +spell power based on Wrath's original casting time ( 2 seconds )... 2 second cast time spells takes 57% of +spell damage.

193 * 57% = +110 spell damage

Now add the 303 Wrath damage to +110 spell damage

303 + 110 = 413

Now we add Moonfury which adds +10% onto Wrath damage and you get.....

413 * 10% = 41.3
413 + 41.3 = 454.3

Does this sound about right? I've done it for Starfire with the 20% damage increase as well. It's all in excel so if you'd like me to put your stats in (int and +spell) then shoot away and I'll tell you min max average for normal hits and crits. Just make sure you use BASE spell damage, hopefully blizzard lets you see that even if you have Lunar Guidance.

01-25-2007, 04:52 PM
That sounds about right. :)