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01-27-2007, 11:50 PM
Anyone know if Lifebloom is working correctly? My understanding is that it stacks up to 3 times and that the final heal for each cast was 600, so 1800 if you had 3 stacked. Is that correct?

A freind told me he heard it was bugged, and when i tried it today after getting lvl 64 the final heal only did 632 even though I had it stacked 3 times.

01-28-2007, 01:20 AM
the Heal over time is stacking 3 times but the final heal doesnt...not sure if that is the way it was intended or not....either way it's awesome, love it

01-28-2007, 04:53 AM
Yeah I'm not sure if that's a bug or if it's intended that way either, either way it's handy.

01-29-2007, 12:59 AM
My understanding from reading the WoW forums is that it IS working as intended, where the HoTs stack but not the bloom. With those parameters there is a raging debate there over the utility and mana efficiency of this spell. That has been discussed on this forum numerous times, but I wonder if there's anything to add now that it's live and being used.

Personally, it seems to me that the spell doesn't MAXIMIZE mana efficiency when stacked, but the most mana efficient way to use it- single cast- is impractical for healing a main tank. With that in mind it seems reasonable to stack it and refresh every 5-6 seconds on the MT or anyone needing sustained healing, but use it in single doses for all others.

01-29-2007, 10:30 AM
I love it for keeping a group topped off. If someone pulls aggro but only gets hit once, once cast usually fills back up.

saw a relic drop the other night that increases the per tick rate by 80 some for lifebloom as well.

01-29-2007, 11:43 AM
it's a nice spell to do off-healing. efficient + instant. while u focus heals on mt, u can drop a lifebloom on other group members who randomly gets hit. it happens alot, and this spell does a better job overall, than even rejuv.

01-29-2007, 01:07 PM
It's as intended. As a single-cast, it's a smallish but extremely efficient second HoT. You can also stack it for one of two reasons:

1. You need to stack a lot of HoT on your target, and mana isn't an issue; or
2. The target with 1 bloom stack on is already full on health and the bloom won't go off, so you want to delay/strengthen the HoT and delay the bloom.

The second is trickier, but could be very effective in the right situation.

I found Lifebloom to be INCREDIBLY effective, especially with a fair amount (around 500) of +heal in a nasty boss fight I was solo-healing with the whole party taking damage.

Without it and the new version of Tranquility, we would have taken some deaths, and almost certainly would have wiped.

01-29-2007, 01:54 PM
Awesome spell. As a feral spec who frequently heals in 5 man instances, it's a life (and group) saver. I didn't find myself using the stacking feature, except on boss fights where the spell was about to bloom but the tank was full health. Then I'd stack another one just to save the bloom.

01-29-2007, 02:28 PM
a lil off topic, but since the new tranquility was mentioned... that spell has been a life saver over n over.

01-29-2007, 02:35 PM
I've found that Lifebloom is great as a tool to top off dps, however the new tranquility has saved MANY a 5 man guild group that I've been in.

01-29-2007, 03:28 PM
So a single lifebloom is our most mana efficient spell. I did some simple math and calculated the hp healed per mana, and a single lifebloom came out on top.

There are 2 reasons to not stack it
1) costs the same mana and doesn't bloom
2) your +healing is only calculated to the first HoT. The second and third HoT will only heal for 273/7s.

I found the stacking of lifebloom to be a huge disappointment. We were told about this great stackable HoT and then the stackable part really blew.

I then thought about it more and realized that as a non-resto, I had no instant, save the day spells. I found myself casting rejuv/regrowth a lot because they're faster...

I can not cast LB+Rejuv for nearly 2000hp healed over the lift of both spells. If you throw in a regrowth, you personally have 3 HoTs going...

Well the stacking parts of LB might be a disappointment, it gives me a second instant cast heal. Not only that it ticks per second, rather than every 3 like rejuv. This means the target is getting health back ASAP.

I hardly stack it.... I'll only stack it if I'm in a situation where I can't cast spells.

It has come in handy in the underbog where on the first boss, you need to keep moving to avoid the mushrooms, and the last boss where he levitates you.

As for the new tranquility? It fricken rocks. I've just ignored it for a year now, so I never remember to cast it =].

I'm a little surprised at the patch notes though. It described a huge nerf to the spell and didn't say it did a crapton more healing. It said it ticked for 1 less tick and had its duration doubled. The only boon was the effective radius was increased by 10yards. It didn't mention done was more than tripled.

01-29-2007, 08:29 PM
Hmm, never thought about stacking it at the last second when your target's at full health so the bloom is saved, thanks for the tip, that sounds pretty handy. :)

01-30-2007, 11:10 AM
I absolutely love tranquility now. Put on the brambles and cast away. I can't say how many times I have saved the group from a wipe. I am only 62, so I haven't had a chance to see lifebloom work. All I can say is wow, I love my druid. 0/42/11

01-30-2007, 03:52 PM
Hey all, first time posting. Lost great info.

I made a ticket concerning the topic on this post. GM said thats the way its suppose to work- non stacking bloom. I told him I thought tooltip should be more clear. He said I could make a post on forums.

Concerning the waiting to the last minute to recast LB on tank thats topped to save the bloom.

Seems your better off letting it bloom and wating to cast another when he needs it. You still spend the 232 mana(323? mana, I forgot) on the second cast so your not really "saving the bloom" since your still spending twice the mana. At least I think that makes sense. The only thing you seem to gain is that HOT stack, if hes not topped.

01-30-2007, 03:58 PM
I've not been "saving" the bloom on LB so far... but I can see how that would be useful in a raid situation. You want as much steady healing happening over the duration of the boss fight. I can see that having a constant flow of 3 stacked LBs could be helpful.

As for a 5man? Cast when needed and don't worry about the bloom.

01-30-2007, 08:33 PM
To start things off: First post! You guys have a great community here, and I hope I can add to it in my own small ways :)

Now, down to business:

Here's my ticks with +32 healing:
1 stack: 41/42
2 stacks: 80/81
3 stacks: 119/120
Bloom: 614

and with +307 healing:
1 stack: 61/62
2 stacks: 101
3 stacks: 139/140
Bloom: 732

So, it appears Bhroam is correct: extra +heal is only calculated into the first cast, and subsequent stacks are about 40 extra heal per second.

A quick note: All my math is in this form (I think): (amount it ticks for) x (number of ticks) = (amount healed)

As far as saving the bloom goes... Let's assume a couple things:

1. You have no +healing (more +healing would make the first cast more efficient, screwing with our numbers)
2. You're so awesome that you can drop the recast between the 6th and 7th ticks every time. This means that at peak efficiency you're going to be getting 6 ticks per application until you let the bloom hit.

So, starting from the beginning of the fight, if you save the bloom:

1 39 x 6 = 234 HoT for 220 mana (1.06 hp per mana)
2 78 x 6 = 702 total HoT for 440 mana (1.59 hp per mana)
3 117 x 6 = 1404 total HoT for 660 mana (2.12 hp per mana)
4 117 x 6 = 2106 total HoT for 880 mana (2.39 hp per mana)
5 117 x 6 = 2808 total HoT for 1100 mana (2.55 hp per mana)

The equation this boils down to is: y = ( 702 ( x - 1 ) / ( 220x ), where y is heal per mana, and x is the number of casts. Note that this formula relies on my two assumptions.

And the numbers if you let the bloom hit:

1 cast:
39 x 7 = 273 HoT for 220 mana (1.24 hp per mana) + 600 bloom = 873 for 220 mana (3.97 hp per mana)

2 casts:
39 x 6 = 234 HoT for 220 mana (1.06 hp per mana)
78 x 7 = 780 total HoT for 440 mana (1.77 hp per mana) + 600 bloom = 1380 for 440 mana (3.13 hp per mana)

3 casts:
39 x 6 = 234 HoT for 220 mana (1.06 hp per mana)
78 x 6 = 702 total HoT for 440 mana (1.59 hp per mana)
117 x 7 = 1521 total HoT for 660 mana (2.3 hp per mana) + 600 bloom = 2121 for 660 mana (3.213 hp per mana)

4 casts:
1 39 x 6 = 234 HoT for 220 mana (1.06 hp per mana)
2 78 x 6 = 702 total HoT for 440 mana (1.59 hp per mana)
3 117 x 6 = 1404 total HoT for 660 mana (2.12 hp per mana)
4 117 x 7 = 2223 total HoT for 880 mana (2.53 hp per mana) + 600 bloom = 2823 for 880 mana (3.207 hp per mana)

5 casts:
1 39 x 6 = 234 HoT for 220 mana (1.06 hp per mana)
2 78 x 6 = 702 total HoT for 440 mana (1.59 hp per mana)
3 117 x 6 = 1404 total HoT for 660 mana (2.12 hp per mana)
4 117 x 6 = 2106 total HoT for 880 mana (2.39 hp per mana)
5 117 x 7 = 2925 total HoT for 1100 mana (2.66 hp per mana) + 600 bloom = 3525 for 1100 mana (3.204 hp per mana)

Whew, for anyone who got through all that, I applaud you. Again, these numbers are only good with my two assumptions... and please correct me if I've made an error somewhere.

You can draw your own conclusions, but to me, it looks like although 1 cast of lifebloom is the most mana efficient spell available to us, stacking it isn't that much of a problem, as long as you let the bloom hit after 3-5 casts (Not 2 casts). Healing Touch (with no healing gear) hits for up to 2820 at my level (66) and costs 820 mana. That's 3.43 hp per mana... not too far off from stacking lifebloom carefully.

Sounds like someone should make a mod with a big timer for the lifebloom countdown :)