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02-05-2007, 07:08 PM
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Flight Form FAQ

Player created FAQ posted in this thread (


Summary: Flight Form is an instant-cast ability, just like all other shape-shifts and has no cooldown. It has the same mana cost as cheetah form, and can only be cast while out of combat.


Flight Form - Stationary (

Flight Form - Head on view of a druid coming in for a deadly strike! (

Flight Form - Back view of a druid gliding peacefully through the forest (

Flight Form - Sitting in a tree (


When can I get Flight Form and from where?
Level 68, at any Druid trainer.

How much does training this cost in total?
8 gold, 60 silver.

Don't I need to get Expert Riding to use it?
No. Training at a Druid trainer is all you need.

Do I need Journeyman Riding skill (which is needed for ground epic mounts) in order to gain this ability? Will it cost me?
Yes, and it will cost you 540g.

Will I still need to buy Expert Riding skill in order to buy Artisan Riding skill to ride a flying epic mount?
No. Once you train for Flight Form, you automatically gain Expert Riding skill. You save yourself 800g.

Is there an epic Flight Form?
Yes. It will be a quest and will be in game in an upcoming patch (we don't know when yet.)

Will I have to pay to increase my Riding skill for the Epic Flight Form or will my Riding skill get upgraded automatically like regular flight form?
You will have to purchase the Epic Flying Mount skill (5000 gold) to use your Epic Flight Form.


Remember, you can only use the ability while in Outlands.

How do I take off and gain altitude?
When on the ground, simply press your jump button. To gain altitude, hold your jump button.

How do I land?
Simply make your way to the ground and once you're at a safe distance, shift out of Flight Form.

Can I use the ability under water? Can I make a carefully-timed jump out of water into Flight Form?
You cannot use the ability while under deep water. I was not able to make a jump out of water and into Flight Form, but my internet connection may not be able to. Try it.

Can I shape into Flight Form while in mid-air?
Yes. It's instant-cast.

If I activate Flight Form while falling, can it save me from a fall that would normally cause me to die?
You bet.

Can I follow people while in Flight Form? Can people follow me?
Yes. Although it works on common sense; if you fly up while some one is following you and they are not flying also, they will be unable to ascend with you.

Can I hover in flight form, or do I have to be moving continuously?
You can hover, and remain stationary.

Can I fly over zones?

Can I run in Flight Form?
No. Once you are low enough to the ground, your character will 'attatch' itself and you will hover (much like a wind serpent mob, for example). From there you will be considered a ground unit and you can be attacked and crowd controlled (discluding polymorph) until you ascend into the air.

Can I eat, drink or use items while in Flight Form?
No, none of the above.

Are there areas that only people whom can fly are able to reach?

Can I go AFK while in the air, and be safe?
Yes, doing this is your safest AFK method.


Can I attack in Flight Form?
No. No attacks. No abilities.

Can I be crowd controlled while flying?
While flying in the air, you are immune to polymorph, fear, scatter shot, death coil, hibernate and other crowd control like abilities. If however, you are in Flight Form but you are on the ground (not in the air) you can be feared, scatter shot, death coil etc.

Can I be killed in the air? Can others hit me?
If you have DOTs on you, you can die in the air. Anything with a ranged attack can hit you if you're in range and you can die from such attacks.

What happens if I die while very high in the air?
Your body will be found exactly where you died. If you are unable to retreieve your corpse because it is too high, you will have to spirit res.

Can mobs aggro on me while in Flight Form?
Yes, but there are limitations. If a mob has no ranged attacks whatsoever, you will have to get very close (and be on the ground) to aggro it. If the mob has a ranged attack, their aggro range will be significant, just as if you were on the ground.

What if I'm dazed while in Flight Form?
You will receieve the standard speed debuff, but you won't lose your form.

What if I'm taking environmental damage while about to go into Flight Form? (eg lava)
As long as you are not in combat, you can still shift into Flight Form.

If I'm close to the ground, can NPCs with only melee abilities attack me?

Can you use Flight Form in any Battlegrounds, including Eye of the Storm?

Can you use Flight Form in any Instances in Outlands?
No. Although it may interest you to read that there is one instance in Netherstorm that you can only reach by having a flying mount. Warlocks cannot summon in Netherstorm for this reason.

If I aggro a mob while in Flight Form and start to gain altitude, how long will it take until I'm out of combat and the mob resets?
It will reset the second you're out of range. If the mob has ranged attacks, it's going to attack you for a longer time than a melee mob.


Can I jump off a cliff and go into Flight Form?
You bet.

Can I fly over alliance bases to spy on them?
No. My only experience with this was flying into a base, being marked with a hunter's mark by a guard and being dismounted and nuked to death. I was not dumb enough to try it again and I recommend you don't do this ;). You can be high enough so that this doesn't happen, but it'll be so high you won't be able to see much. This is most likely the way to prevent rooftop camping.

How high can you fly?
Very high, but there is a limit. You can fly over most large mountains and you can fly high enough so that you cannot see the ground.

Can I use professions or collect quest items while in Flight Form?
You can skin, and yes it even has it's own skinning animation :), as well as prospecting ore and disenchanting items. No other professions can be done while in form nor can you pick up quest items (such as those found under dirt mounds etc). You cannot collect herbs while in Flight Form.

Can I loot corpses?

If I'm being persued by someone with a flying mount can I shape out, freefall, and lose them?
Yes. Freefalling is very fast and only druids can re-cast their flying ability while freefalling. The speed of freefalling is faster then an epic flying mount.

How long does it take to reach the ground if I freefall from maximum height?
It depends on which zone you're in, but it can take up to about 20-25 seconds.

If I shift into Cat Form while falling, will it reduce my fall damage?
Yes, by 50% just as the ability states.

What happens if I /sit while in form?
If you're close enough to the ground, your bird will indeed hover to the ground and put its wings back. If you do it in the air, nothing will happen.

What happens if I fly off the edge of a zone, and head straight down?
You will eventually die when you hit the barrier.

Can I ride through caves to avoid mobs?
Remember that you can only use Flight Form while 'outdoors'. If the cave is considered outdoors (such as the cave in Blade's Edge) you can indeed fly through it.


Normal running speed: 100%
Walking speed: 40%
Aspect of the Cheetah: 130%
Cheetah form: 140%
Ground normal mount: 160%
Ground epic mount: 200%
Druid Flight Form: 160%
Normal flying mount running: 160%
Normal Flying mount flying: 160%
Epic flying mount running: 200%
Epic flying mount flying: 380%
Epic Druid Flight Form: 380%
Epic swift nether drake: 410%
Wind Rider (Flight Master): 500%

Why have you said the epic flying mount is 380%? I thought it was 280%
It is. But for my chart I've included running speed. So 100% + 280% = 380%. Don't think of them as percentages, just raw numbers and it'll make more sense.

Is my Flight Form affected by mount-speed-increase items?

Is my Flight Form affected by Aspect of the Cheetah?

Is my Flight Form affected by speed enchants?


The Rawr-Bomb: Druids can shift out of bird form, freefall, shift into bear form, then feral charge an opponent right before hitting the ground to avoid all falling damage. It takes practice, but there is an excellent video showing how to do it on YouTube (

EDIT: Added in known facts about Epic Flight Form.

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