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02-07-2007, 03:15 PM
ok so ive been trying to do this as a feral druid
so far ive tried the 2 following partys
hunter > spawn control
me > bear tanking elites
priest holy > healing me/spot healing hunter
arcane mage > dps on elites
warlock > dps on elites
failed 3 times before 1st boss WAVE 5
cause: oom/considered to be taking too much dmg
strat: dps everything everywhere

prot warrior > tanking elites shouting on spawns as they pass
paladin holy > aoe spam near portal dps on elites/ spot healing while priest drink
me > cat on spawns picking off the pally
holy priest > heal all
mage frost> dps on elites/ frost CC
failed 7 times got up to 2nd boss WAVE 12
cause: overwhelmed when adds/boss 1 shotted priest
strat: elite brough back from portal with pally aoe to stop the spawns, i pick off mobs from pally with cat. worked very very well but extremely hard as i was having probs keep up with the dps/catch the welps agro in cat

now were using dragons when it gets hairy and we need to catch up on the new portals appearing

ive been told by some of the best on my server that it really isnt valid for a feral druid to be able to do this instance
they say u must have 3 pure dps classes 1 healer 1 warrior
the only way a druid can pass is to heal and......thats hard as a feral

please give me some advice on how to pass this
i really do not want to respec to resto just for this
i have 31% crit and 2004AP in cat /// 430 def 12khp 18k armour 19% dodge in bear (not that great i know)
i guess i am wat is considered high dps for a feral druid yet i struggle terribly on those spawns

PLEASE help me i really wanna start raiding again

PS my game experience pre tbc was 3/9 t3

02-07-2007, 05:41 PM
Black Morass is easy once you get the hang of it, but it's very annoying... And highly buggy:

I started my attunement last week, on Saturday got to the Black Morass part, and then I hit a brick wall. Now, it wasn't because we couldn't do it... Allow me to briefly explain: My guild's first 70s were doing their attunements when I was 69. As I had flight form, I joined them and that's how I leveled from 69 to 70 (all the instance runs). We got Black Morass on our first or second try to our amazement, and bam, we were done.

Funny thing is, the next week, I get the quest line started (I thought you had to be level 70, d'oh!), and once I hit Black Morass, though, it becomes impossible. It took me four days to get attuned... Argh. I missed the first Karazhan raid, but I got DKP anyway.

I will spare you the torment of what I went through to finish Black Morass. Thing was, we knew how to beat it, my second time through I mean. My guild's already attuned people would help me and the other two unattuneds out. But we kept hitting bugs (read: rifts not spawning, two spawning at once, chrono-beacons not working... it was a mess sometimes). So, if nothing else, don't be discouraged if you wipe because two spawn at once, not at all, or you don't drop combat, etc. They need to fix the place up.

Anyway, back on track.

Our first group for this place was a Warrior tanking, Druid (moi, I was 41/20 at the time... 30/31 now. I miss mangle!) and Rogue DPSing, Priest healing, Warlock took care of the adds. This worked well because I off-tanked Temporus and off-healed when the priest got low. The Warlock pwned the adds, easily.

Anyway, here is the way I've seen it done:

What you need to have is the following:

Tank (Warrior or Druid)
Boss DPS #1 (Any class that can deal the damage)
Boss DPS #2 (See above)
Adds (Mage or Warlock)
Healer (Priest, Druid, Paladin)

It's helpful if one of the Boss DPS's is an off-healer. But it's not needed:

I did this last night with a group of a Warrior Tanking, Rogue and Hunter DPSing, myself (30/31) healing, and the mage taking care of the adds.

You need a rogue or a druid, though, or even a second warrior (or first, if you have a druid tanking... I don't know about pallies, though; I'm not familiar with their tanking mechanics). Basically, you need either an off-tank or a rogue, and an off-heal is a nice novelty, but not needed. Add management is key. Now that we have the groups down, strategy time.

Rifts 1-5

Get the tank on the Rift Keeper/Lord as fast as possible. Boss DPS goes straight to the Rift Guardian (Keeper/Lord). Add management stays within healing range and picks up all the adds before they get to Medivh. If the add management falls behind, have one of the Boss DPSers to assist briefly, but bear in mind that getting the Guardian down is imperitive.

Sometimes the add manamgement will get low on life. Remind him/her that he/she needs to run towards the healer if this happens, or make it their mission to stay in range. The add management dying is a wipe. In fact, any deaths are wipes, unless it's directly after a Boss. It's really dependant on the healer in this instance, but also equally dependant on the DPS. If the DPS doesn't get the Guardian down FAST, then another rift will spawn and it becomes hectic.

Whatever you do, though, save your beacons. Don't use them, not yet at least.

It's pretty straight-forward. Just keep DPSing down the Guardians and keeping those adds from the shield. As soon as a Guardian is down, everyone needs to wipe out the remaining adds, FAST. You won't drop combat if you don't, and drinking/eating is vital in these brief waits.

Rift Boss #1: Crono-Lord Deja (I think, at least)
This guy is a relative pushover. He's basically a regular Guardian, just with more life, damage, and I think some spells. It's nothing too hard. If you got up to this point without wasting a beacon or any deaths, you'll do fine. Remember this, though: Loot the bosses asap. Tell everyone to loot the boss if they see sparklies... the instance will bug if you don't, I believe.

On an off-note, and this applies to all bosses/guardians, don't pull them too far from the rift of they will reset back to full life/mana, you'll won't, and you'll be in trouble.

Rifts 7 - 11
These are just as simple as 1-5. They might come a little faster, I forget, but just keep your cool and be ready for the second boss. Oh yes, if you have an off-tank, tell him to get into his tanking gear after rift 10 is done--on the off-chance you won't drop combat after rift 11... in which case you are pretty much guaranteed a wipe, unless you are all on top of your game. Not dropping combat is a big annoyance in this place, but you shouldn't encounter it if you kill the adds fast.

Temporus - Rift 12

This guy is arguably the harder one, but he's easy once you get used to him. His only notable features are his knockback and his healing debuff. Tell the tank to try and tank him against a tree or something, but if he can't, remind him to run back to the rift after a knockback... If Temporus goes too far, the game is over.

The healing debuff stacks. Each stack reduces healing effects received by 10%. It's randomly applied, and you may be lucky and it'll wipe off, but on the off-chance here is the counter for it:

If you have an off-tank, tell them to fight for aggro with the main tank--growl and taunt don't work on this guy. This way, if one of them gets the debuff stacked four times, the off tank can steal the aggro and the main tank doesn't have to worry about the debuffs. A rogue can also be used. Once the debuffs hit about 4, the rogue just has to go all out DPS and steal threat, and once he does he has to evasion-tank. Crazy sounding, but it DOES work. The key to this one is the debuff, and swapping tanks if needed.

There is also another trick that we've found works well. This boss needs to be killed fast, especially. What we've done is have the add management drop his beacon by Medivh right after the adds start spawning, and he runs off to Temporus. He'll DPS with you guys down to 60% or so, and then run off and take care of the adds. The dragon that the beacon drops will take care of the adds while the add management DPSes. Don't, or at least try not to, us more than one beacon on this fight. Two max. Any more and you're going to wipe, if not now then later.

Basically, DPS down Temporus, try to alternate tanking targets.

Rifts 13 - 17

If you've gotten to this point, keep up what you're doing. Some say the adds come a little faster, but I don't know. Just keep staying on top and not falling behind. DPS guardians down fast, drink/eat up whenever you can. Expect to see two rifts up at least once towards the end. Don't be intimidated by this. Just SLAUGHTER the Guardian asap. Let the healer and add management drink, while the rest run over to the rift to start engaging (bandage if needed). There's not much you can do if one rift spawns before you're done with another at this point, except go all out and not back down.

Be careful though. Try your hardest to get a chance to eat/drink before Aeonus... he's a tough one. All in all, anticipate to see two rift portals up towards the end, but don't let that scare you; just keep doing what you're doing.


This guy can be hard, but not if you've saved your beacons. He goes straight for Medivh, so you have to be careful. As soon as rift 18 is up, get mana and health up AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Don't delay. Delay will kill you. Vent helps here to organize who drops the beacon when, but if you have a preassigned order that works too.

Get to Medivh fast, and have the first person drop their beacon. Basically, DPS down Aeonus. Just go all out on him and the adds. It's the same as the majority of the fights before this, except the beacon is key. If you have no beacons there is a good chance you'll wipe here.

In any event, as soon as a beacon expires, toss another out. Having one beacon up at all times will win this fight, as long as the group doesn't run low on mana or health. Don't let the shield fall.

It's tough to get to this point without error, and it's tough to fight Aeonus. But you can do it. Just focus, keep your form, have a beacon up, and you'll do it.

And that is the instance. Sorry for the huge post, but it is a monster of an instance. The slightest fault and the group is done. I hope this helped some.

02-07-2007, 09:01 PM
I'm not in the black morass karazhan part yet, but we've been trying to do black morass anyways, just cause it's fun and challenging. It is pretty buggy though, a couple of our tries were early failures just because of double rifts spawning and whatnot, kinda annoying.

When we finally completed it, we found this setup to work pretty well: feral tank (me), prot pally healing (we tried him tanking once, me healing, but the dps just wasn't enough), fury warrior on boss DPS for sunders etc.,/running over and taking aggro off the pally if need be on adds, hunter on add DPS/CC (she'd switch to boss DPS when she could too, keeping adds trapped or whatnot), and destro lock on add CC/DPS everywhere (seed of corruption worked well, so did dotting up everything and fearing, VW keeping adds busy, etc., he also would dot up the bosses which helped on DPS).

It was tough... in the end we used a couple of the dragons at various times when adds got out of control (like after the 2nd boss fight, we ignored the adds to down the boss, then had to use a dragon to keep em off Med), but we still had 2 dragons for the last boss. I died at the very end of the 2nd boss fight as well, which slowed us down, but we caught up somehow. It is possible for a feral tank to pray to god the debuffs don't stack up tooo high and blow frenzied regen at the right moment and survive (I've done it before), but that time I of course got 9 debuffs and didn't time my regen right >.> <.< Luckily the boss was at like 6% when I died, so they downed him no problem with the lock sorta tanking (just cause he got aggro xD). The 3rd boss actually was very easy for us, I just kept him turned him around, and the pally kept my health up for the stuns, but he wasn't hitting me that hard (not like I was afraid of anyways, murmur hits harder).

But yes... it's one of those instances that you really need everyone to be on their toes. Every player has to be great at their class, that really really helps. I wouldn't pug this one, lol, unless everyone was in insane gear or something (we weren't). Feral druids are best either tanking or healing here, I feel, simply because there are other classes you probably want to bring to DPS and CC, but that's my opinion. Hunter/lock/mage CC/aoe on-call is very useful here, and I've never done the place with a rogue, but I imagine they can slow adds down quite a bit plus do mad DPS. Maybe if like your kitty gear was really really good... I dunno. Feral tanks are nice here because of LotP and imp, also the fact that we tend to do more damage than prot warriors. Me and the warrior pretty much duoed some of the mini boss dragons without any help, and quick too.

I just kinda rambled... but uh, hopefully you might gain something from that, lol.

02-08-2007, 02:37 PM
As far as Feral Druids go, I mentioned in my post that I was 41/20 and I was DPSing down the bosses with a rogue, with the warlock taking the adds. We slaughtered the bosses, no problem. Two rogue-types doing complementary damage worked very well. So a feral druid can easily go cat for this encounter, just be ready to off-heal or even tank.

02-15-2007, 04:22 PM
It was tough...

02-20-2007, 12:42 PM
ive been told by some of the best on my server that it really isnt valid for a feral druid to be able to do this instance
they say u must have 3 pure dps classes 1 healer 1 warrior
the only way a druid can pass is to heal and......thats hard as a feral

they are wrong
i can tank it just fine, but you do need 3 dps classes;at least 1 of which has to be ranged dps, and a good healer, in fact most of our runs for just about any instance are done with a feral druid tanking, we have 4 specced full feral, and the druids get to tank anything

02-21-2007, 01:51 PM
Feral druid is better to tank this instance than a warrior, you'll do a hell of a lot more DPS. DPS is > all for this trial.

02-22-2007, 11:33 AM
The beacons arent suppose to be used for the fact the bosses will and usually banish the beacons, but there is a bug, if your part drops all the beacons at once, only one gets banished and others stay and beat him down.

I have ran this instance multiple times, tanking, dpsing, and off healing. Every time has been the same when it comes to using beacons. On the second boss, we dont even pat attention to the adds, one person uses thier beacon once there a bunch of adds on Medivh. We go finish up after the boss fight.
On the last boss, once the tank is engaged all 4 of the other beacons are dropped at once, and the boss drops like a rock.

03-23-2007, 04:36 PM
I realize this is a late edition to this thread, but just wanted to point out the adds are almost custom made for a balance druid. With roots, sleeps, and trees, there's plenty of cc if there are multiples up. The whelps are easily ae'd down, and I've often two-shot the bigger dudes. This is one instance where it's nice to have your neighborhood oomkin along.

03-30-2007, 04:26 AM
This event can be very easy with the right group makeup.

Tank for the rift bosses (prot war, bear, prot pal)

Goalie for the adds. This has been my job on guild runs. Druid in bear form grabs all adds as they emerge from portal. Goal is not to kill them all, just to make sure everything that comes out of that portal sticks to you like glue.


Two DPS classes. Having a mage helps a lot.

Pretty simple. The maintank character does nothing the whole event but tank the sub-bosses and bosses. DPS classes focus on boss. The goalie grabs every add that comes out of the portal and juggles them until the summoner dies. All dps then finishes off the pack of mobs on the goalie. Mage AE here and they are all downed in seconds. Move to next portal and repeat.

I've run through it both as maintank and goalie tank. Prot warrior is a better choice than bear for maintank but bear can get it done. Bear is best for the goalie job, feral charge to anything that gets past you or a quick shift in and out to pursue if you get rooted or chilled. Prot paladin could probably handle either job also.

03-30-2007, 12:42 PM
Having a druid tank is rough, at least on then 2nd boss. With no way to block all the incoming debuffs and hoping to dodge them, just really doesn't cut it unless you have some serious DPS with you.

Most recently I ran it with myself, 2 druids, a warlock and a prot warrior. 1 cat on boss dps, 1 cat on adds, warlock and warrior boss and me healing. By far one of the easiest runs ever. The 2nd boss was a bit difficult with my regrowths critting for 400 after a few of the debuffs stacked, but it went smoothly, and I think Medivhs shield was around 90% when the final boss emerged. Good times :)

03-30-2007, 06:11 PM
It was easy when I tanked it. Just ran away a bit in travel form with agro to let the debuff wear off then switched back to bear. Also with good dodge you can use a dodge trinket and avoid getting hit.

04-01-2007, 03:57 AM
I tanked the second boss easily with a resto shaman healing me.

Dps was mage, rogue, cat.

Always drop a dragon token for the adds on the second boss

04-01-2007, 07:40 PM
This instance is definitely overrated.

Just make sure you bring people who can read text / use ventrilo and know how to follow instructions.

04-02-2007, 12:54 PM
I think this instance was nerfed. I remember it being somewhat difficult the first time I tried it. One wipe on the second boss.

I have since tanked it 2 more times, and dps'd it once with a fury warrior tanking. All easy runs with no wipes. One of the runs I tanked it a resto shammy was healing, and with the agi totem I had like 36.5% dodge or something ridiculous - I only had 2 or so debuffs at the end of the fight.

04-03-2007, 04:00 AM
Well I know I had some interesting times with the second boss and trying to keep heals on after 4 or so debuffs on him.

The main problem I have seen is not getting to drink between rifts. This most often happens when an add is off beating on Madiva. If you add control(goalie) does not get a chance to drink it goes to hell fast. So after the guardian drops everyone needs to rush in and kill all the remaining adds. At that point eveyone needs to drink up to full even if you are only 10% down on mana. Also Madiva can take a bit of a beating so as long as he is above 70% ish dont freak out if he has adds on him. Save you beacons for towards the end. We like to use our beacons on the rift lords on waves 13-17. As these rifts come in very fast. By dropping the beacons close to the riftlords they go down fast with thier adds as well. And the add contorl can help with dps on the rift lord. This way the rift goes down before the next spawns. This give you lots time to drink. When the final boss comes make sure you drink up to full health and mana again. He can beat on Madiva again but make sure you engage him before quickly after all are full health / mana.

06-27-2007, 02:16 PM
Beware of the bugs. The first time I went with a group (holy priest-healer, mage-dps, ret paly-dps, warlock-dps, and me Feral Tank) We basically walked through the first 16/18 portals. We even got through Temporous each time fairly easy. He only stacked a few of the debuffs on me at one time. I used my regen and everything was great. We blew up on the last boss each time. Three times in a row, killing Temperous no problems, but wiping just short of killing last boss. It got late so we quit to try again later.
Next day. Same group and we wiped horribly on second boss Temperous. Several times we went back in and Temperous was throwing those debuffs at me like it was candy. He put like 10 debuffs on me in as many seconds. That means 0 heal!
This happened repeatedly. Why so many debuffs all of a sudden.

We quit and tried it again the next day. Again same thing, Temperous killed us each time, throwing mega debuffs on me in what seemed like seconds.
I'm no slouch as a tank either, up around 20k armor, 13-14k health, 26% dodge, 409 def.
THEN, finally we killed Temperous again. But guess what, there was a little whelp that evaded every attack. He sat there and munched away the shield and there was nothing we could do. My priest said, "I could have easily killed that whelp myself, naked, bare-handed, and with res sickness, yet he took us down.)

I Believe every instance we ran after the first one has been bugged. I have read that the quest for this is kinda like an esort quest, if you fail, then the quest fails, even though it might not say so in log. (Credit to who ever, sorry can't remember who you are who said this)
This group has been returning to instance with a failed quest, which I think has been causing the bugs in the run.

Tonight we might go back and abandon quest first, then retry. Hopefully it will work. Otherwise, I'm scratching my head, and quitting being a tank. Ill let you know....

07-03-2007, 03:58 PM
the key to black morass is a group in which everyone understands their roles.

1. Make sure everyone in your group knows the 4 locations where the portals spawn.

2. Tank must arrive at each new portal first. Which means he/she always must be on the lookout for the next portal.

3. After a portal guardian is down, and before running to the next portal, tank and all dps must completely finish off the adds -- Quickly! This removes combat and gives group a brief break for drink/rez pet/etc. It's a must. Make sure everyone knows to do this.

4. This is a great instance for druid healers, but any healer can do it. As healer you've got to anticipate the next portal also, and be prepared to run to that side of Medivh as soon as your current portal is down. The group will handle remaining adds without your heals, and you'll be able to drink (and shadowmeld if you're NE) within healing range of next portal guardian, while waiting for tank to come pick up the new guardian.

5. Whichever DPS is assigned to adds (I prefer to put a hunter on adds) should stick close to the healer, a little closer to Medivh than the rest of the party, and wait for the adds to come.

Don't be afraid to yell these or your own directions to everyone before you begin.

In my experience defeats in this instance are almost always due to poor DPS. Either too many adds get on the shield (add duty not being performed well enough), or multiple portals start to open at the same time (portal guardians not being downed fast enough).