View Full Forums : Baking: No Alliance Quest

02-07-2007, 10:40 PM
Baking quest for recipe to fill the 365 to 375 gap is Horde only. Then the Horde has the Hinterlands quest for a +25 fishing pole.
Spicy Crawdad is the only other path, but with fishing 375, the +20 "Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole" and +100 lures, I cannot catch any Crawdads.
The ONLY recourse is the once a week fishing tournament in STV (4 +fishing rewards per week) and a great big +2 enchantment to gloves.
All I can say is this is an oversight, since Alliance has practically no viable path to cap cooking.
y main is a Horde druid, and Alliance is obviously favored, but this is not the way to make-up for the favoritism. :confused: