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02-26-2007, 09:58 AM
I am trying to decide wheater to go Feral or Balance. I have a 47 Druid and I am going to PvP on 49. Which spec should I go??

02-26-2007, 08:07 PM
Next time keep both your topics in one because they are quite similar.

Your spec should reflect your gear and at around your level it is much easier to get feral gear so I suggest going feral @ 49.

03-02-2007, 07:08 PM
Resto, I would think. Our best role in PvP is healing. Balance is ok, but still nowhere near a mage in a coordinated group. Feral is not good. You'll have a non-twink weapon while fighting players with twink weapons, and we don't have anything that can remotely compare to mortal strike.

If a choice between balance and feral, then balance with at least nature's swiftness. You can nuke when not healing.

03-06-2007, 12:30 PM
Feral is not good. You'll have a non-twink weapon while fighting players with twink weapons, and we don't have anything that can remotely compare to mortal strike.

Um. Feral rocks.

Ok first off, druids can't really get twink weapons, as the only thing that affects druids in feral forms is stats. If anything, we can get twink enchants but thats about it. Our damage is normalized for cat and bear, then increased based on attack power.

If you want to stay at 49 for a while, get the Blanchard's Stout and throw a 25 or 35 agility enchant on it. Get the lv 48 epic bracers from WSG tokens, and throw a 24attack power enchant on them.

At 49 you wont have Mangle, which is a druid's strongest damage-dealer (obtained at 50 if you go FULL feral: (0/41/0), but you can still put out some good damage. If you're playing WSG, feral charge is really nice. Pounce, with a 4 sec stun is really nice for anything. Mangle = Druids Mortal Strike.

As a druid who leveled 1-60 feral, respeccd resto for 10 months while raiding, pvp'd a lot as resto during that time, you will be frustrated. Good pvp teams attack the healer first. You'll die. A LOT. But as a resto healing druid, you will find it easier to get in premade pvp groups, which make pvp more fun.

I've never played balance in bg's, though I have stealthed / ridden past many oomkins on my way to the next node as they sat there and drank.

I never had much fun in the 40-49 bg's on any toon other than my warlock. Warlocks basically own that bracket The 50-59's were much more fun with my druid IMHO.

03-06-2007, 12:42 PM
Agreed with Clar. Ferals can be extremely deadly in PvP. For example my rogue guildies was whining like crazy when they noticed me as full feral was better at "getting away with it" after killing someone in AV (they just got nuked to oblivion as soon as they showed their sorry *sses). The druid is faster (cat), basically impossible to snare and can also heal himself/herself.

"WTF!? Why is Goa a better assassin than me!! I'm playing a assassin-class FFS! NERF!".. kinda :p

I would only advice you to go as resto if you find a good PvP group that lacks healing (and I mean *GOOD*, nothing more frustrating than blowing away all your mana healing some worthless junkplayer - better to do the job yourself). :)

Saying ferals aren't good in PvP is.. well.. wrong.

03-06-2007, 12:52 PM
Might just be me, but when I got to BG's and heal = dead. Unless you group and they watch out for you then kiss it. Most are in there for the kills and if they are on something they don't dissengage to help out. Like Goa said, better to kill them yourself than waste heals on someone who will run off after receiving a heal as you get ganked by a rogue.
At 49, I stayed in BG's to get my gear since it would be better than any non-raid available to me. I was full feral and did insane amounts of damage and led the boards most of the time. I also used many versatile combat tactics other than staying in kitty or bear. Pop around use your tools and you will see why we were given such flexibility. As a Druid you can change tactics in a blink...other classes eh...use that strength. As a feral you gain more armor (bear), dps (kitty) and a larger mana pool than any other tree at 49. My $.02.