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03-05-2007, 05:34 AM
Put something together in a haste here but will add more as it's either posted here or I gain knowledge elsewhere.

Loot table by instance and spec here (

For Kharazan ( you need to complete the quest Entry Into Karazhan ( need a couple of prequests that's started just outside the instance in Deadwind pass- Arcane Disturbances ( and Restless Activity ( I don't think you need to be lvl 70 to start these 2 first quest and no faction rep is required.

I knicked info from RuadhTheRed , hope it was ok;) and will add more as it comes

Here's something quick I threw together from

Heroic mode refers to a Dungeon Difficulty setting. The difficulty setting for a dungeon is accessed from the party leader's portrait menu; currently the only other difficulty setting is Normal Mode (the default setting).

Each of the Outland dungeons may be run on Heroic Mode if every member of the party has obtained the appropriate key. The key for each dungeon is reached by achieving Revered reputation with the appropriate faction.

In Heroic Mode, the mobs and bosses in the dungeon are much tougher, with more hit points, more damage, and more difficult special attacks. The rewards are conciderably greater than on normal mode and all Heroic Mode bosses drop a Badge of Justice for each party member.

Heroic Mode dungeons are on a timer, and can only be run once per character per day. Each dungeon is on an independent timer.

Each group has a mix of quests and repeatable quests that will grant faction. There are also 1 or 2 dungeons that grant faction from killing the mobs that reside in there.

Auchenai Crypt - Faction Guide with Lower City (

Hellfire Citadel - Faction Guide with Honor Hold (

Caverns of Time -Faction Guide with Keepers of Time (

Coilfang Reservoir - Faction Guide with Cenarion Expedition (

Tempest Keep - Faction Guide with The Sha'Tar ('tar)

Sorry the links are to WoWWiki (for those of you at work that have that website blocked), but the repuation guides are quite extensive and have many embedded links.


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Awesome diagram, and much easier to follow than the others I've seen floating around.

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but is there actually a starting point or just go random with the key quests?

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Great diagram
Im not even 60 yet and I have planned out what to do at 68 (if I can get to the dungeons 70 if not) with the help of this and some information off my friends etc.
Thanks :)