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04-08-2007, 04:56 PM
i put this talent tree ( together from ideas i've had and some interesting tidbits i came across on the forums. tell me what you think, particularly the areas that might be OP.

04-09-2007, 12:46 PM
moonglow that high in the tree strikes me as insanely powerful.

As it is now, if you take Moonglow you give up tree form(as crappy as it is, it's 20% less mana on HoTs).

Being able to take Moonglow and tree form together basically means you can heal indefinately. Or having Swiftmend, Moonglow, Lunar Guidance, and Dreamstate altogether. I believe that's why Moonglow, Lunar Guidance, and Dreamstate are as far down as they are. Threat reduction is nice.

Your Imp Moonkin aura has no number listed on the mana% gained.

Zehpyr Embrace is OP'd. Essentially what you end up with is a 12 second CC spell that can't be dispelled that has a .5 sec cast time. Add to that that the target can't be healed by allies even and doesn't heal while cycloned and it's just crazy.

04-09-2007, 01:00 PM
i see what you mean about moonglow, ill have to fiddle around with that and get it further down the tree.

as for the % gained by imp aura, i went with 2%, which even at a pool of 10,000 only gives back 200, so as to avoid a never-ending wrath cast.

with ZE im trying to make cyclone more useful in terms of PvE. as it is a 6 sec CC where you spend a quarter of that time casting it is pretty much useless, unless you are using it as a short-term CC (i.e. keep a mob off you while your healing so the tank can snag it). if you are balance and attempting to fill in the role of a casting DPS class it is extremely limiting to not have a viable form of CC, especially when so many of the instances in BC -require- CC. i made it 12 seconds because that is half the time of a mage's sheep and the warlock banish. as to the .5 cast time, that could certainly be left out or brought up to 1 sec.

what about the tree summon buff and the 41 point talent?