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04-20-2007, 06:30 PM
Ok well we are starting to do Karazhan and guild aske me to once again fill our weak spot as a Healer again. I have love healing and was asked to respec to Feral Tank to take up the slack of our tanks.

What are some new talent builds for Druid healing? I have been Tree form but thinking of a Balance/Restro (for Swiftmend) build and wonder if any of you have tried that build before in Karazhan. Or has anyone thought about a Tank/healer build 30/31? or do you think I can fill the healing roll as a Feral with my healing gear (900 healing spell)? 5 man are no problem and fool people that I am a healer build, but heard Karazhan is a hard run so would like some help.

I love being able to fill spots and don't mind making the switch since this is my main and have other alts to fill the damage urges.

04-25-2007, 02:52 AM
Well, if you're going 0/30/31 for TANK and healing, this is the only possible way I could see it being done. 0000005550301501500001000

The biggest problem I see with tanking with only 30 pts in Feral is you will have to get 495 defense instead of 415 to get crit immune. Furthermore, you won't have LotP which means you will crit less -> harder to hold aggro, and w/o Predatory Instincts it means you will crit FOR less -> harder to hold aggro. Not to even mention, not having Mangle :O

As far as healing goes, Nature's Grace definatly helps out with our extremely long HT casts, and your durability at HT healing will hurt without Moonglow.

If you were to solo with this spec, it will probably be painful as you have none of the real Catform spec talents and your casting DPS would also be terrible with nothing in balace, so you'd prolly have to quest with a partner, or only do groups as a tank/healer.

All in all, I don't like 0/30/31. You also mentioned healing Karazhan as a feral, but that won't be likely. You can def pop the big heals if you have the right gear; but if you tank gets hit very hard and very fast, you will never keep him alive without Swiftment OR Nature's Swiftness.

So personally for Kara healing, I would stick to Moonglow/Swiftmend build if you like HT's, or Tree of Life build if you like to maximize your HoT's.