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05-24-2007, 04:17 AM
Hey I`m a feral 70 druid and now running instances for rep/gear mostly i`m a tank since main dps in instances are mages locks and stuff. But i dont have an aggro meter or any of that kind and mostly shammy and mages take my aggro even when i have the mob fully lacerated and stuff :| so i was wandering if any of u have any good (works with the new patch) aggro meter and some tank advise would help to :D.

05-24-2007, 08:17 AM
I don't currently use a threat meter, but I believe the one usually mentioned is KLH Threat meter. Regardless, here are some tips for instance tanking

1. If your the tank insist on having the ability to Mark targets. Marking is huge for coordination. This way everyone knows their CC target and the first target down, second etc...
2. If you have decent gear, insist on tanking at least two mobs (assuming its not a Heroic instance)
3. Try starting out your pull with a fairy Fire. Find a pattern that works, but generally, you can hold agro if you keep a consistent pattern. Try something like FF, Roar, Mangle, Swipe, Lacerate, Roar, Swipe, Mangle, etc.... Its up to you to find the pattern that works for you.
4. Have DPS hold back a second. If they pull agro from you, they've done something wrong. just because they can throw out 4k crits doesn't mean they can dps whole hog.

05-24-2007, 12:28 PM
KLH is is about the only option you have in terms of threat meter mods. Also one more point on gaining aggro. If you want to gain aggro faster then try to get more gear towards critting. Crits gain aggro faster and depending on your build also helps replenish your rage. Also remember if someone has more threat than you to use growl ... that will immediately equal your threat with the highest on the list and make you gain aggro. Just knowq that challenging roar does not however raise your threat so that is only a quick fix.Also ... if you can't taunt the bugger ... get a mage to frost nova and try again.

05-24-2007, 01:35 PM
I live by KLH in raids. The only problem though, is that it cannot measure other peoples threat if they don't have the addon installed, you won't see their threat. It's a requirement for my guild for raiding. As is CTRA and Deadly Boss Mods.

What does your tanking gear look like? I've found that when I wear my full tank set in non-heroics on trash mobs I have too much mitigation, so I don't generage rage quickly enough. If your healer is on the ball, try dropping some of your high ac pieces for more ap / crit gear. Or tank 2 mobs to keep your rage bar full.

ake sure you always have a maul queued up. It is on a different timer (next hit as opposed to instant) than mangle. Knowing this, you can effectivley 'slam' aggro after a pull: ff the mob to pull it, then immediatley hit maul. As soon as the mob gets to you, your first attack will be a maul. At this exact moment, hit it with a mangle, so both attacks land at almost the same time. Then hit demo roar and lacerate a couple times and good luck to the mage pulling that guy off you.

05-24-2007, 01:52 PM
If you could post your threat generation move cycle I may be able to help and see where you could improve.

Keep in mind though even if you have a perfect threat move cycle - it is still very possible for careless dps classes to pull aggro off you.

Just like you have to watch threat levels - they as well should be and learn the boundaries of pushing their dps hard but not hard enough to pull aggro off you.

05-24-2007, 04:39 PM
Well i mostly spam mauls and mangles when i can and use target swapping to c the targets of the mobs. And i know swiping helps allot but since most CC are closeby when it doesn`t go as planned i cant do that to much. And as for lacerate i still dont think its realy helping my aggro. I am close pvp build now but does imp demo roar helps on gaining aggro?

05-24-2007, 05:30 PM
Well i mostly spam mauls and mangles when i can and use target swapping to c the targets of the mobs. And i know swiping helps allot but since most CC are closeby when it doesn`t go as planned i cant do that to much. And as for lacerate i still dont think its realy helping my aggro. I am close pvp build now but does imp demo roar helps on gaining aggro?

Improved demo shout doesn't really do anything aggro wise.

TBH your problem seems to be lacerate.

Lacerate does generate a good amount of threat.

We will use a boss encounter as a basis (assume you are trying to gain as much burst threat as possible) for comparison.

Cycle could or should go something like this:

1)Shift to bear
3)Mangle ( first initial hit to gain threat)
4)Lacerate 1
5)Maul 1
6)Lacerate 2
7)Maul 2
8)Lacerate 3
9)Mangle 2 (Should be up then)
10)Lacerate 4
11)Maul 3
12)Lacerate 5

Now here is where it changes

At this point with 5 lacerates on the target what your cycle essentially becomes is spamming maul consistantly, mangle when its up and every 15 seconds reapply a lacerate to keep the counter at 5. Keep FF as Demo shout on mob as needed.

This is the fastest most substantial aggro you can create in terms of a cycle.

Obviously you put a FF on the mob and demo shout as applicable but initially your first concern should be making a good threat gap between you and your dps.

Once again this is a boss model for threat generation.

For normal trash pulls etc etc you wouldn't really need to use enrage etc etc.

Swipe is a decent aoe tool stil but it's my experience you are better to tab / target apply 1 lacerate since most times CC is right near where you are tanking in terms of grouping.

Hope this helps

05-25-2007, 08:53 AM
One possible change you can make to this cycle is to drop some HoTs on yourself before you engage a boss mob. Specifically with LifeBloom, the final big heal gains some decent agro. Either way, it helps glue the boss mob to you and makes the healer's job a little easier for 10-15 seconds.

05-25-2007, 01:40 PM
On trash, yes....throw a Lifebloom on before engaging and it'll help stick the mob to you.

On bosses, since Enrage is needed for the extra Rage, I wouldn't suggest Lifebloom as it may Bloom before your Enrage wears off.

Although going in while Enrage is still up won't kill you....

05-27-2007, 08:33 PM

Use everything you have - pre-healing, barkskin, moonfire pulls, feral charge, FF, maul, mangle, lacerate, lacerate, Maul, Growl, mangle, lacerate, lacerate , demo roar, Bash, swipe. Enrage

Dude keep playing and learning. I love me stoneskin pots - rolling in with 2000-2500 extra armour for 2mins, agility pots means more boss smacking. If you are fighting mobs sling on more dps gear - clefthoof is cheap and available, sure you will know a leatherworker.

Learn the fights, as a tank you job is to keep everyone alive. If you have a change to form shift, throw down a innverate on ya healer or instant heal on ya or tranguility to heal others.

Soon you'll be taking SoF and Primal Instincts. We are freaken good off tanks in the end game, love it, smacking shiat up and going Feral.

05-31-2007, 05:20 PM
Do not use maul. its a waste of rage and aggro possibility. Maul is ok if you have plenty of aggro, plenty of rage, fully stacked lacerate, and mangle is on cooldown.
When this is the case, I like to hit maul+swipe because maul has a delayed time but swipe is near instant so both will activate at the same time and it looks like the bear is having a siezure.

yes. lifebloom's final 600 pop gives aggro to the person it is on.
But yeah. The rage is really more important cause you know your group is gonna start pew-pewing as soon as you pull.

1. shift
2. enrage
3. wait
4. faerie fire
5. mangle
6. lacerate
7. Demo Roar
8. lacerate
9. mangle

I specced Improved Demo roar rather than improved Mark of the wild. In large raids you'll have resto druids to mark for you and you may be tanking far from a warrior. In small groups I'd rather have the damage reduction and improved aggro gain of demo roar.

Clefthoof set rocks with recent patch improvements. However, [thick clefthoof leather] droprate from skinning is notably nerfed so it could be expensive if you are not a leatherworker.

Always mark targets. Make the initial pull if you can. Make sure the crowd controlled mobs are out of swipe range.

If you are tanking two+ mobs spam the one to be killed second with moonfire and/or Faerie Fire and then lay the smack on the one to be killed first. This requires that your group hold off for a second as you reaquire the first target.
Swipe often to overcome atmospheric aggro, like heal aggro.

Use /focus command for fast target switching during pull.